The '80's Universe is a Universe in The Chipmunk Multiverse and is based around The Chipmunks of the '80's and The Chipettes Prime.

Also, the Events in this Universe are the events that were featured on the Alvin of the Chipmunks Tv Show.

People from this UniverseEdit

The ChipmunksEdit

Alvin Seville ('80's) - Leader of the Chipmunks.

Simon Seville (80's)

Theodore Seville ('80's)

Dave Seville ('80's) - Adoptive Father and Manager of the Chipmunks.

Vinny - Birthmother of The Chipmunks.

The ChipettesEdit

Brittany Miller - Leader of the Chipettes.

Jeanette Miller

Eleanor Miller

Miss Miller - Adpotive Mother of the Chipettes.

Other Characters from this UniverseEdit

Uncle Harry

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