Hey guys! It's THE SuperMunkFan with my latest greatest chipmunk story! I had to make a new account because I forgot my account details and all, so, here I am, and I haven't been on in ages! So here's a Halloween chipmunk/chipette story not yet finished, enjoy and I will finish it by Halloween!

Simon and Theodore were sitting on the couch watching the season's premiere of American Idol. As the credits rolled down the screen, Theodore sighed. "I wish they'd kept Carrie Underwood from one episode," he whined. "She is smokin'." At this Simon shot a meaningful glare at his younger brother. "You don't know hardly a thing about Idol, do you?" he complained. Theodore shook his head. "Not really. Alvin's taught me a thing or two about it, though," he laughed thoughtfully. Simon rolled his eyes. "Oh, of course he's an expert in that, and in---" He paused, and a ghost came into the living room. Both chipmunks turned white. "You k-know, I don't think w-we were s-supposed to be w-watching Friday the 13th!!" Theodore cried. Simon nodded slowly. "I actually AGREE with y-you!" Emitting a terrifying scream, the ghost reached out to grab them, but the two were hiding under the kitchen table. A moment later, a ghostly white hand whipped the tablecloth off the table, sending silverware crashing onto the floor. Simon and Theodore were hugging each other tight, hoping they'd be okay. "HELP!" they hollered. "Oh, please, is that the best you could be afraid?" came a familiar voice. Alvin! There he was, laughing, dressed as the frightening ghost. "ALLLLVVVVIIIINNNN!!!" Simon screeched, loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. But Alvin ignored him, laughing, thinking of the funny event. "You should've seen the---" he began, but they glared at him. "Looks on our faces?" his brothers frowned. Alvin nodded. "Yeah. Can you guys believe that Halloween is in four days?" he shouted, changing the subject. All chipmunks had a strange feeling of delight. "I know!" Theodore giggled. "What are you gonna be?" Alvin challenged them. "A ninja," Simon answered. "A mummy," Theodore added. "And you?" they both grinned. Alvin looked around nervously, and took off his ghost costume. "Myself," he declared, and blushed. "I am a rockstar, you know." Simon sighed with concern, and a little bit of laughter. "Oh, sure, you're as scary as they come," he teased. Theodore nodded, and hugged Simon tightly, as they'd done under the table. "Help me! I'm scared!" he joked. The two shared hysterical laughter. "Yep, I don't need a costume," Alvin muttered. They turned to see Katy Perry singing Hot 'n Cold on the stage, and the announcer saying she'd won. Alvin whistled with sheer pleasure. Then the three broke into a round of applause. Just then, three scary creatures came in through the front door. "Who's that?" Theodore whimpered, eyeing them. The boys took a step backwards, and almost tripped over Dave, who was standing behind them. "Girls! How nice to see you!" At this moment the Chipmunks realized it was Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, the Chipettes. "You're aliiiive!" Alvin cheered as he kissed Brittany's feet. "Gah! Eleanor, look, it's a ghost!" the startled Chipette yelped. Alvin noticed he'd forgotten to take off his costume, and when he did, he blushed wildly. "Oh yeah, I'm Casper the Friendly Ghost," he sputtered. Brittany giggled. "Does that mean you're sharing half of your Halloween candy with us, Alvin? You're so friendly now," she joked. Alvin's eyes were wide with fear. "Well, well, look who's going as the Queen of Mean for Halloween," he rhymed. "And she doesn't even need a costume. Amazing." The Chipmunks took a second to laugh, and suddenly noticed the Chipettes were dressed as cats. "You would've looked hotter in a Batgirl outfit," Alvin mused, lashing out with his good jokes. "Gag me with a spoon, but she's not exactly a candy corn herself," Theodore followed. Simon was the last to mess around. He shivered with false fear, and hid behind the couch as Alvin and Theodore went outside. This was the cue to launch into action, that of which they'd practiced for a movie months ago. Simon looked at the Chipettes and screamed, "Aaahhh! Zombies! I'm terrified!" Alvin and Theodore, tough looks on their faces, kicked open the door. They started singing the first few lines of The C-Team, their favorite fight song. "The Chipmunk team is set, and we're heading on our way...'cause we spell trouble! T-R-O-U-B-L-E, trouble! You better give up on the double! We make all the bad go away!" They pretended to drag the Chipettes away. "Cut the charades!" Brittany screamed. "And let me down!" She noticed Alvin and Theodore lowering her to the floor. "No, wait, not reallllllyyyyyy!" she yelped, as they dropped her. Brushing off her costume, Brittany twisted up her face into a sour look. She ignored the boys' looks of triumph. "You....OOOHHH!!! You guys better be ready for Halloween, because we're gonna scare the living daylights out of you!" she challenged. The Chipmunks shot each other amused glances. "Really?" Alvin soothed, flicking off the lights without being noticed. "Ah--" Brittany began, but Simon and Theodore slid in, grabbing her shoulders and covering her mouth. They laughed evilly as she struggled to escape. When she did, she punched Alvin's arm. Jeanette flashed on the lights. "Well, guys, remember that concert we all have at the theater tomorrow night?" she shivered, afraid she'd be grabbed next. Everyone nodded. "We're singing This is Halloween, right?" Eleanor smiled. "From that movie The Nightmare Before Christmas?" At this the others cheered. "I heard they're making a music video of it," Simon laughed. "We all have to look, hm, frightening for it." All the chipmunks joined in. "Menacing!" they laughed. "Terrifying!" they shrieked. "EVILLLLLL!!" they hollered, forgetting Dave was watching TV. They all screamed in delight. "EEEEEE!" The lights flashed off. Everyone froze---and struggled to find Alvin in the dark. "I didn't do it!" he pleaded. "Who did?" Simon asked suspiciously. "Someone," Brittany seethed. "Something," Theodore cried. They all hugged each other tightly as a cool breeze blew through the room. "Did the neighbors try to scare us?" Alvin raged, becoming braver. "No, idiot," Simon murmured. At that moment lightning struck. And...the power came back on. The steady beat of rainfall was heard. "We must've been so excited that we didn't hear the storm outside," Simon sighed happily. "Yeah," Theodore giggled. "I thought---hey!" He stared at his hands. "What am I doing wrapped in bandages?" No one spoke. "I feel light," Eleanor whispered. "I'll hold you Ellie," Theodore offered. The two tried to hug, but Theodore hugged...nothing. "Something strange is going on," Alvin tensed. He pointed to the sky. "I will find ou---ouch!" He bit down on his tongue. "My teeth are sharp," he winced, rubbing his mouth. Simon eyed him carefully. "Mmhmm," he muttered. "It's your canines. You know, what a lot of people call vampire teeth?" he joked. Alvin felt his two teeth. "Is that a j-joke?" he cried. "I hope so," Simon replied. "Because nothing feels arm feels out of socket." Theodore looked at his older brother. "I'll help," he trilled, twisting Simon's arm into place----but it came loose. "AAH!" Simon hollered, quickly but quietly. Theodore hid behind Jeanette. "I'm scared," she screeched. A rattling noise went throughout the room. "What's that?" Theodore whispered. The Chipmunks' dog, Lilly, started nibbling Jeanette's leg beneath her flowing skirt. "Just LillllYYY!" she yelped, noticing her leg was nothing but a slender bone, which dogs loved. Brittany cried in fear. "I'm a horrible sight!" she ranted. "My hair is poofy! And I look crazy with...stitches! I look DEAD!" The voice echoed all over. And Alvin realized what happened to them all. "We--we're monsters!" he screamed. "A-and if I-I'm correct, I'm a vampire, Brittany's the bride of Frankenstein, Simon's a zombie, Theodore's a mummy, Jeanette's a skeleton, and Eleanor's a ghost!" Everyone was shocked. Then they laughed nervously. And screamed in terror. But then they tried to be funny, and okay, because they hardly lost their cool. Simon put his hands on the sides of his head. "They never fix me," he wailed. "I...Why, I'm so frustrated I could lose my head!" He then took his head off and tucked it under his left arm. A few of them laughed a little. "Maybe, well, they'll lose theirs." Simon looked at the others in a funny way. He glared at Theodore. "Oh, I've got bad news. You're NEXT!" At this Theodore ran away and hid. "I want my mummy!" he shouted, joking. Alvin grabbed the tablecloth off the table and wrapped it around his shoulders. He glanced at Simon and hissed; Simon responded by pretending to scream. "I want to drink---a toast to the Frightmunks and Screamettes!" he chorused, laughing at the others' reactions. Jeanette giggled. "Well rattle my joints! Sticks and stones can't break my bones!" she joked, followed by applause and laughter. Eleanor tapped her sister. "Guess what I like, Jeanette," she smiled. "What, my floaty friend?" Jeanette replied. "Boo-berry cheesecake!" Eleanor cheered. They all laughed at each others' clever jokes. "Silence, I KEEL YOU!" Brittany yelled. But the Chipmunks and Chipettes didn't think they were monsters for real. That they would soon be known as they the Frightmunks and Screamettes, for real.

"It was a good thing we got the filming and the concert done in one night," Eleanor yawned as the Chipmunks and Chipettes walked to the Chipmunks' house from the theater. "Yeah, and even better, I don't think they found out we're real monsters," Alvin whispered in disbelief. It was hard for him to understand that he and the others were different now. "They thought we had interesting costumes," Simon answered. Everyone shivered in the cool October air. Leaves crunched under their feet as they went along the sidewalks. A dog's shrill howl could be heard. "The perfect night for some good scares," Alvin laughed. Theodore socked him hard in his side. "Hey, hey, watch it, mummy's boy! I'll drain you if I have to!" Alvin threatened. Theodore glared at him. "Alvin, you do know we can hurt each other, right?" he mentioned. Alvin growled. "Hmph." All of them kept going. Then they realized what they could do with themselves. "Shh," Simon warned as he hid behind a bush and had the others follow. Three small kids were coming around the corner. Simon jumped out at them. "RAAWWWRR!" he snapped. "I will get all of you!" When the kids heard him, they shook their heads. "Monsters aren't real," one of them taunted. Simon smiled at them. "I bet you can't do this," he challenged, proceeding to twist his arm off. He waved it at them menacingly. The kids ran away screaming. "Don't hurt me!!" the littlest one squealed. "I love Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the Chipettes too, and they'd be ashamed of monsters!" Simon drew back as if someone had slapped him. We are the Chipmunks and Chipettes, he thought. And we feel...awful. But to him he felt like he was different. "We'll get them too!" he growled, taking his head off and tossing it at Brittany, who caught it. Simon heard the kids being scared and terrified. Scary noises came from the bushes, and the other chipmunk "monsters" came out. As they ran off crying, Alvin hissed, "Don't be afraid...we won't hurt you!" They all laughed, different laughs, strange laughs---unrealistic ones. "We'll be back!" Eleanor snarled. "Soon enough!" Jeanette followed. "And you will be sorry!" Brittany finished. The Chipmunks admired their counterparts. "Perhaps you're good enough to be my ghoulfriend Brittany?" Alvin joked. Brittany felt too happy to hit him. It was the best night they'd ever had.


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