Chapter 1: Alvin's Inner Self

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In Hollywood California, there were six talking, and singing chipmunks that lived in a house. But the chipmunks were also band members as well as siblings. They were Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Chipettes. The chipmunk's names were Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, and they lived with their manager, and adopted father Dave. 
Alvin was busy playing a video game with Brittany on the TV, and was losing. "Come on Brittany, give me a break!" Alvin yelled seeing that his female counterpart was doing better than him. It was a racing game, and Alvin disliked the idea of losing at any game… especially racing games! "Sorry, Alvin. But a race is a race. If you want do better, you'll need to practice more!" Brittany commented as her computer graphic pink car just crossed the finish line, making her the winner. Brittany won first place in the game, while Alvin surprisingly got in third place. Normally, the red sweater wearing chipmunk could beat a racing game without even trying. He was a natural! Unfortunately, today was not one of those days. "Are you kidding me!?" Alvin yelled as his small, furry paws turned into fists. Brittany turned the game system off before jumping back up on the couch and replied sympathetically: "I know you're upset about the game, Alvin. But, maybe today just isn't your lucky day." "Maybe you're right. Let's just do something else," Alvin replied as he and Brittany went upstairs to the Chipmunks and Chipettes bedroom.
Meanwhile, Simon and Jeanette were reading books on their beds, while Theodore and Eleanor were looking at recipes they could try out. Alvin and Brittany walked into the bedroom, and approached the others. "Hello fellow chipmunks! Do you all want to do something fun with us?!" Alvin asked enthusiastically. Simon and Jeanette both looked up from their books, and over to their siblings. "If by 'fun' you mean doing something against Dave's orders that will get us into trouble?" Simon asked sarcastically while everyone but Alvin laughed, considering the numerous times that happened to them. "Ha-ha! Not funny, Simon! I meant something that we could do, but not have the result be Dave yelling 'ALVINNN!!!' again," his brother explained. Everyone stared at Alvin in surprise; usually Alvin didn't mind Dave yelling his name. While Simon, Jeanette, Theodore, and Eleanor put away their books before joining their older brother and sister, the four became quiet. "What? But, you normally enjoy Dave yelling your name!" Simon stated. Everyone nodded in agreement, but Alvin remained still. "I'm just tired of always being the trouble-maker! I'm capable of doing good things too, you know!" Alvin explained feeling a little offended. Simon could see the hurt in his brother's eyes, and decided to cheer him up. "I'm sorry, Alvin. I know you don't mean to get in trouble, and I know that you do nice things for us. You just have to learn not to make reckless decisions that will get you and the rest of us upset with you. That's why Dave gives us rules; to be safe, and happy." Simon said apologetically. "Then why are you treating me like I do these things on purpose!? I already told you guys that I'm not all about getting into trouble! But whatever I say, you all act like I'm going to do something troublesome anyway!" Alvin yelled back loudly. Theodore carefully spoke, trying not to make his older brother more upset as he responded: "Alvin, we're not trying to blame you. We're just saying that you need to stop being so out of control, and to be careful with your decisions. Otherwise, you get into trouble. We don't want that to happen to you." Even though Theodore meant well, this did not help out Alvin. "I am careful with my decisions, Theodore! I just want to have fun! It's not like I choose to get into trouble with Dave!" the red-clad chipmunk yelled at his younger brother. Theodore was shaking and started getting watery eyes. 
"Theodore," Eleanor softly said running to her counterpart and giving him a hug. "I can't believe you yelled at Theodore like that Alvin! He was just trying to help!" Eleanor snapped at Alvin. "Yes, well do you think that anything you all are saying is helping me? No!" Alvin replied. Jeanette saw that her sister was a little hurt by Alvin's words, and as Simon went over to both Theodore and Eleanor, and gave them a sympathetic hug, she did too. The purple dressed chipette turned to Alvin with soft eyes as she stated: "Alvin, Eleanor was just trying to stand up for your brothers. Besides, you can't hide the fact that you do get into trouble. If you try to improve on not getting into trouble, then maybe you wouldn't get yelled at. We don't like seeing you get yelled at Alvin." "Oh, sure! Blame everything on Alvin! Not one moment goes by where I'm always causing trouble!" Alvin yelled, feeling his muscles getting tight. 
Brittany could see that all four hugging chipmunks looked somewhat hurt, and she decided to step in. She jumped in front of the red-clad chipmunk, and shouted: "All right Alvin! That's it! You are taking things way too far! All we are trying to do is get you to understand what is causing you to get into trouble, and trying to help you out. But you won't even listen to us!" Everyone but Alvin saw Dave stop in front of their bedroom doorway to see what was going on. It was then that Alvin could no longer control his feelings, as he shouted: "I don't listen to you?! What about the five of you?! I've been try to explain myself to you, but none of you will even listen to me! If you all started seeing things from my prospective for once, rather than your own, then maybe you'd think twice about me being a trouble-maker! What do I have to do to convince you that I'm not?!" 
Alvin took a few deep breaths, then as his face grew soft, he sniffled, and tears started coming out of his eyes. The tears ran down his furry face as he exclaimed: "I try to be a good chipmunk by showing kindness, fun, and good intensions. But when events go in the wrong direction, that's when I get in trouble for it. I only d-d-do these things to try to make you p-p-p-proud of me. Didn't I already prove that to you on the island?!" Alvin's emotions started getting the better of him, and he was already starting to cry harder than before. The chipmunk in the red sweater sighed before saying "How would you feel if you tried doing something nice for someone and got punished for it when things didn't go as you expected?" At this point, Alvin's eyes were tearing up so much, he could hardly even see. "Because I have to go through that every day!" Unable to control it any longer, Alvin ran out of the room crying, past Dave and out of sight.
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