Chapter 2: Alvin Tells Dave

Dave quickly turned around in shock as his chipmunk son ran away from his siblings and himself. 

"Alvin!" the man called out to the emotionally upset chipmunk trying to keep up with him. Dave managed to see his son as he headed for the back door. "Alvin! Alvin, come back!" Dave cried out in a concerned, yet desperate voice. The chipmunk in red ignored him as he ran through the cat-flap that Dave had installed in the door for the Chipmunks and Chipettes. Dave quickly unlocked the door, opened it, and ran after the crying chipmunk. Alvin stopped at the base of an oak tree in the backyard, still crying his heart out. Dave slowly walked up to his son, kneeled down, and said in a concerned voice: "Alvin?"

"Go away! Just leave me alone!" Alvin replied in what sounded like a half scream, half yelling voice. He was clearly hurt by the argument with the other chipmunks. Dave let Alvin cry for a minute or two before he tried again.

"Alvin. It's me, Dave." Alvin stopped crying, and his eyes grew wide with fear. The young chipmunk relaxed before asking: "You saw me arguing with my siblings, didn't you?"

"I could hear you guys from my work area. It wasn't until I came up to see what was going on that I saw you arguing with them, then ran out crying!" Dave replied, a little bit of strictness in his voice. Dave was about to talk some more, until Alvin cut him off.

"I know what you're going to say Dave; I'm grounded. No TV, video games, electronic devices, or toaster waffles for two months. You want me to apologize to my siblings for yelling and hurting them, and admit I was wrong. Same old Alvin yell, along with me being punished. Face it, Dave. You think I'm a trouble-maker too. Just like everyone else." Dave was shocked that Alvin would think of something that Dave himself would have said. That surprised Dave. However, Dave's face softened, and he said in a calm voice: "Alvin. I know you're upset. But yelling at your brothers and the Chipettes like that was unnecessary. You shouldn't have done that, Alvin."

"See! Even you agree with them!" Alvin yelled, facing Dave with tears in his eyes, with a look of anger, sadness, and hurt.

"I never said that. I was just explaining that you need to control your anger," Dave replied. Alvin growled in annoyance as Dave just looked at him.

"Alvin, when you lose control of your emotions, they can cause you to act and do things you never normally would do. The argument you just had is an example of that," Dave explained calmly hoping the chipmunk would understand.

"I know. But still, they caused me to get upset. They kept talking about how I should stop getting into trouble. But they don't understand. Nobody but me understands. Whenever I do something with good intensions, something pops up and messes up my plans. Then it just keeps getting worse until you come and yell 'ALVINNN!!!' at me." Dave as a little puzzled.

"Alvin, what do you mean by 'good intensions'?" the man asked. Alvin faced his father, and asked: "Remember when you were mad at us for ruining your date with Claire?" Dave nodded, as Alvin continued.

"Well, that night, my brothers and I snuck out of the house and went to see Ian and sang for him. That's how he found out about us. It was then that we became famous. If we hadn't have done that, we wouldn't be where we are today." Dave remembered that memory and the ones that followed it all too well. The man sighed before saying: "I know. I hate to admit it, but you're right about that Alvin."

"Yes. But, most of my plans don't end up that way. It's usually you yelling my name, and me getting into trouble!" Alvin retorted. Dave then realized what Alvin was saying, and felt guilty for all the times he had yelled at his son, when he had been trying do something nice, but it didn't work in his favor. Dave placed a finger on Alvin's shoulder as he said: "Alvin, I'm sorry for all the times that I yelled at you when you probably didn't deserve it. I'll talk to your siblings for you. You just calm down, and I'll see how you're doing later."

"Okay Dave," the red sweater wearing chipmunk replied. Dave let go of Alvin, got up and started walking back to the house.

"Dave," Alvin called out to him. The chipmunk's father turned around, and said "Yes Alvin?" No words were needed as Alvin eyes filled with tears before he ran up to Dave, jumped up on his shirt, ran up to his shoulder, and gave him a hug.

"Thank you for listening to me!" Alvin said before he started crying again. This time though, it was tears of happiness. Dave hugged Alvin close to him as he replied: "Anytime, Alvin."

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