Chapter 3: Understanding

Back upstairs, in the Chipmunks and Chipette's bedroom, Brittany started shaking, and she also started crying. Jeanette and Eleanor both hugged Brittany tight, as Simon hugged Theodore to comfort him. Once Brittany calmed down, they all stopped hugging, and decided to talk. 

"I can't believe Alvin yelled at us like that. I've never seen him that upset before. That was scary!" Brittany admitted.

"I know, Brittany. Usually I cry when someone's hurt, or I have a bad dream. But this time I cried when Alvin yelled at me, and Alvin normally doesn't yell at me like that!" Theodore agreed.

"We were all trying to help, but all we did was make him more upset with us. What did we do wrong?" Eleanor commented.

"We didn't do anything wrong, Eleanor. Alvin just misunderstood what we were saying and took our words the wrong way," Jeanette explained to her little sister. Simon meanwhile was thinking.

He was thinking of all the times whenever he had tried to do the right thing, or help out Alvin from getting into trouble, only to get in trouble himself in the end. Even though Simon didn't understand his brother's feelings the way Alvin did, Simon couldn't deny the fact that Alvin was right about two things; that trying to do something nice for someone only to get into trouble for it was hard to deal with. Especially for someone like Alvin. The other thing was that Alvin was right about his siblings; they had been trying to make Alvin understand the situation from their own points-of-view and in doing so, they didn't even listen to what Alvin was telling them. They didn't try to see where Alvin was coming from, and as a result, he ran out of the room crying.

"Guys, now that I think about it, Alvin is right. We didn't listen to him." "Are you saying you agree with him?" Brittany asked in disbelief.

"No, and I don't disagree with what we said to Alvin. However, Alvin does have a point; we kept trying to help him, but we were using words and examples from our prospective, not his prospective. That's why he ran out crying. Also, doing something nice and getting in trouble for it afterwards is hard to accept. I can understand that after all the times I've tried to help out Alvin, then we both get yelled at after we get caught. Even if Alvin pulls me into his little crazy plans, I still go along because I would want to help him out. Seriously, guys! Think about it from Alvin's point-of-view!" Simon explained.

The Chipettes and Theodore all stopped and thought about what Simon had said to them. Then out of nowhere, they all realized something; on the island, Alvin had become the "responsible one" and got to understand why his brothers, the Chipettes, and Dave always got mad at him whenever he did something wrong. However, both before and after getting stuck on the island, nobody had tried to see things from Alvin's prospective, because they always blamed him for getting into trouble. Now that all of the chipmunks were thinking hard and paying attention to what Simon explained to them, they realized what Alvin had been trying to tell all of them. There were times where Alvin was trying to do something nice, but got in trouble for it. When this happened, everyone saw him as being the "troublesome one", not realizing what his true intentions were. If everything had gone perfect for Alvin, then maybe something good would have occurred, rather than Alvin getting yelled at by everyone.

Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor all had guilty looks on their faces as they realized what they had done. Alvin didn't deserve to get yelled at, let alone so upset that he would start crying.

Brittany started crying as she said "Oh my goodness. I can't believe how bad Alvin must feel. What have we done!? We need to go apologize right now!" Her sisters, along with Simon and Theodore agreed. They all were about to leave, when Dave came walking into the room.

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