Chapter 4: Apologizes

Dave closed the bedroom door behind him as he said: "Everyone, I need to talk to all of you." The five chipmunks sat on Simon's bed while Dave sat on the bed across from them, and told them about Alvin and his conversation. This only made all the chipmunks guiltier, and they explained their own conversation and realizations before Dave came into the room. 

"We didn't mean to make him cry! We were just trying to help him, but we ended up making things worse. It's our fault Dave!" Simon said with watery eyes.

"We're really sorry!" Theodore added as he started to cry. Simon and Eleanor hugged Theodore as Brittany commented: "We were just about to go apologize when you walked into the room." Dave sighed before saying "I'm happy that you all understand what you did wrong. But right now, Alvin just needs to be alone so he can calm down. You can all apologize to him later."

Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor all hung out the rest of the afternoon. Just before dinner, they all went downstairs, and saw Alvin watching TV on the couch. They all jumped up on the couch, and Simon asked: "Alvin, can we please talk to you?" Alvin turned the volume down on the television, and then faced the other chipmunks.

"Guys, before you say anything, I just want to say I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you all like that. You were right; I was 'out of control!'" Alvin apologized.

"No, Alvin. We're the ones who should apologize. We kept pushing you emotionally by accident, and made you upset. We're sorry we did that!" Brittany replied.

"She's right, Alvin. We didn't listen to you, and didn't try to understand what you were trying to tell us. You were right Alvin," Simon added.

"We had a talk when you left, and we realize now what you must have been feeling. We never meant to push you, only to help. However, this time, the situation didn't work out the way we planned. We're sorry Alvin," Jeanette explained.

"We never meant to make you cry!" Eleanor commented.

"We are really sorry Alvin!" Theodore said with teary eyes. The red sweater wearing chipmunk could see how sorry his siblings were, and replied: "Apology accepted."

"We accept your apology too, Alvin!" Brittany said as all five of the chipmunks each hugged Alvin individually. After they hugged, Dave walked into the living room, and saw that they had made up.

"Glad to see you're all happy again. C'mon everyone, dinner's ready!" Dave said to his kids as he headed back to the kitchen. The Chipmunks and Chipettes followed with smiles on their faces.

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