Chapter 1: Ouch!

This is a CGI Alvin and the Chipmunks and Chipettes story that has been on my mind recently, and I thought it would be a good idea to write it. I own nothing expect the ideas for the story. All Rights Reserved go to "Bagdasarian Productions."

It was a nice sunny, summer day in California, where the Chipmunks and Chipettes all lived, with their guardian/songwriter Dave. All of the Chipmunks were downstairs having toaster waffles for breakfast with Dave. Well, that is except for one of the chipmunks.
One chipmunk refused to get up, and that was Alvin. Alvin was usually a deep sleeper, and this time was no different. The oldest of the brothers lay silently snoring under his bed sheets and blankets, until he slowly opened his eyes to see what the time was. It was ten o' clock am.
"Time to get up," Alvin said to himself, before throwing the covers off his body, jumped off the bed, and headed towards the kitchen. Alvin saw that everyone was up and eating. Also, since it was summer, the Chipmunks and Chipettes didn't have school. 

"Good morning, Alvin. How did you sleep?" Dave asked seeing his oldest son before grabbing the maple syrup that was on the table.
"I slept fine Dave," Alvin replied as he ate his meal. Once breakfast was done, everyone helped clean up, since they had cooked enough toaster waffles for at least two days. However, as Dave went to clean a knife, his hand slipped sending the knife flying into the air! Dave watched the knife, but while he followed the knife's path, he quickly realized it was heading for one of his kids!
"Alvin! Look out!" Dave called out as Alvin was cleaning the kitchen table. Alvin turned around and saw the knife about to fall on him! Thinking fast, Alvin was about to make a run for it… Then, it happened.
The knife hit a pan sending it flying, before the knife's blade landed on top of Alvin's tail with a soft crushing sound. "OUCH!" Alvin cried feeling the sharpness of the knife hit his tail to the point where it was bruised, and slightly bleeding. Then, the pan fell from the air, and also hit Alvin's tail before spinning off of the table.
"OW!!!" Alvin screamed with tears running down his furry face, as he looked at his injured tail. The pan had hit his tail with enough force to either badly bruise it, or maybe even dislocate it. That pain, along with the cut on Alvin's tail from the knife was excruciating. Alvin's siblings came rushing over, as Dave quickly got some ice and a towel to wrap around Alvin's tail.
"Alvin, I'm so sorry!" Dave apologized as he helped aid the chipmunk's tail, before everyone headed to the car, and got in. "It's not your fault Dave," Alvin said as the family made their way to the hospital. 
Thank you Alvin Seville Rockstar101 for helping me with this story.
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