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Before the PuppiesEdit

(The sidelings said 'Fox 2000 Preant')

(Fade in the Chipmunks' Home and the title said 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Triple')

(Cut in Inside the Chipmunks' Home, Dave was a more good)

Dave: Come on Guys let go to JETT's...

(Alvin came down in a red shirt with a A on the back, Simon came down with a Star Hoddine and Theodore came down with a Recyce sign on the shirt.)

Alvin (said in the Nomal voice): Wow I'm geting to go.

Theodore(Said in the Nomel voice): Look, I going to be gone for a good time.

(Cut in JETT Recording room)

Alvin (Singing): The Sun go's down, the Star go's Up My univese Never be Desome im glad you came...

(The song srated and The Chipettes singing in Nomal voice)

The Chipettes (Singing): I whip my Tail back and fort, Whip My Taillll!

Simon (said in the Nomal voice): Is That the 'Chipettes'?

Theodore: Yes, Yes they are.

Brittany (said in the Nomal voice):All like a ok. Now tell me, what you got to say?

Alvin: Well, in 5 to 10 years you are good and lovele..

(Theodore in the Singing in the saiding voice)

Chipmunks (Singing): Will marry Me?

Chipettes: I Do!

(Fade in the The Chipmunk' Pool)

Dave: I'm Brome you Dads and Moms

(Toby love the Chipmunks kiss, The Chipmunks and the Chipettes Kiss.)

Toby: Uhh.. Dave?

Dave: Yes?

Toby: I'm going say what good Wedding!

(Ian Hawke Dress as a Dore)

Hawke: Ca, Ca, Ca, Uh Oh, No,No,No,No, Aw...

(Fade in The Chipmunks' Home)

Theodore: It out to a oven, it hot, hot, hot!

(We Cut to the Chipettes, they are pregnent)

Theodore: Uhhhh... Happy.. Port-Wedding Day?

Eleanor (Said in Nomal voice): Forget it, I get the cake it hot, (She Eat the Cake) Mmm... What is it?

Theodore: It is Love...

Jeanette (Said in Nomal voice): No, it not that, THAT! (She ponting Ther Belly)

Theodore: Uhhh...Your Have a Puppy?

The Chipettes: Yes, Yes we are!!!!

(He walk backwred)

Theodore: Alvin, we going to have a Puppy!

Alvin: Wow, We going to have Party!!!!

(Alvin get the Baby Shorw Barrod, Cut to Theodore he Wrines 'Happy Baby Shorw' to 'Happy Puppy Shorw', Cut to Alvin Puyed the Baby Show Casher to get the Cub, Cut to Theodore rap up the guits and Alvin get the Cub and He upset..)

The Puppy ShorwEdit

Theodore: Wow it a Blart!

(The doorbell ring)

Alvin: Who is it?

The Guests: Happy Puppy Shorw!

Alvin: Wow you got my cards?

Toby: Yes, You get me the Cards. (Flashback)

Alvin: Here the cards

Toby: I going get the cards to my Guy and Girls.

(Cut to Toby on the bike)

Toby: Puppy Shorw 2nine!

Guy (Reading the Card): Puppy Shorw 2nine? (Talking) All be Here!

(Reprt and the teen girl fite he stop at The Chipmunks' Home)

Toby: That it!

Alvin: Wow your good! (Flashback done)

(The Guests open the Door, The Chipettes came it)

The Chipettes: Hey, Welcome to the Puppy Shorw.

(No one saying a word and they Happy)

Theodore: Who ones cake?

The Guests: Me!

Alvin: For you, (The Chipettes unrap) wow, it a cub.

Theodore: Wow, (cut to the Guests eating the cake) they ate the cake

Labor and Meet the PuppiesEdit

(Cut to Jett's Recording room)

Theodore(singing): Baby, I like it baby get..,

(The Chipettes can't stop look it they belly, They call 911)

911: 911 may I help you?

Eleanor: Hi, My Sisters and I's Puppys are Dur Can you bind us to Birthing Center?

911: Let me see...

(cut to the Birthing Center, We cut to the Chipettes looking so bre)


Dave: Time to Deliver the Puppys!

Toby: It going to be all good!

(cut to the Birthing room)

Dr. Gracie: I'm Dr.Gracie I'm a Chipmunk Birthing Dr., Your Puppys Are Dur your going to get Birth to Puppys

Theodore: Wow, it not a good sign...

Dr. Gracie: Push..Push...

(The Chipmunk puppy in a Cap is say 'Rap' and The Chipette puppy in a ponytail are Walked to Alvin and Brittany)

The Chipmunks and The Chipettes: Huh?

Chipmunk puppy in a Cup (said in a Nomel voice): Dad? Mom?

Alvin: Son?

Alex: I'm like to Into. Me, Alexander, some puppies call me 'Alex' Ally come came here! and you Jake! This my girlfinder, Ally and My BFF, Jake.

Jake(said in a Nomel voice): What? Yes, My BFF (hug Alex) I get it

Ally(said in a Nomel voice): Come on Alex!

Alvin: Wow they are good

Alex: what, this is not singing, this is singing,

Alex,Ally,Jake(singing): I know you like it not you Laughing'n Fun, Laughing'n Fun, it you play along!

Take they homeEdit

(Cut to The Chipmunks House)

Alvin: That a Lot of Puppys

The Art(said in a Nomel voice):Some Fans Call Me, "Feddes The 2rd" or Most Fans Call Me, "The Art" But My Real name is Feddes Art.

Theodore: Yes, But you got a nickname so must in common, The Art?

The Art: Dad, you common my Real Name?

Theodore: Feddes, You going to get nickname to your fans

Ally: How you have a nickname?

The Art: Tell my Dad.

Ally: Theodore, How do Your son have a nickname?

Theodore: Yes, he tell me mins. ago.

Alex: Your.... The Art?

The Art: Yes it my nickname. My Real Name is Feddes Art.

Alex: You add 'Art' in your last name?

The Art: Yes, My Girlfinder, Milly haves a nickname too.

Milly(said in the Nomel voice): yay call me 'Elliot'.

The Art: Yes, Elliot, you look finds and looks.

Elliot(same as Milly): your name is Feddes "The Art" Art?

The Art: Yes, I'm deal with a tizt.

(Dave come by, and Theodore get the Puffs)

The Art: Dad, you make me look bad!

Theodore: Eat your Puffs and you come to get a gift.

The Art: O.K.

Dave: Hey, do your son eat the Puffs

Theodore: He start it.

The Art: (mumbed) Dad is a put.

Dave: Well I got a Chipmunk size Recording Stedo!

The Puppies: WOW!

Alvin: But you got to sing first.

The Puppies: awww.

Alex: You got be kidding.

Ally: But we got us to sing Theodore! Dad, Theo, Simon, it time of the Puppies to talk

Alvin: Hey!

Simon and Theodore: Sorry.

The Art: And you too Mom, Bittey and Jennete.

The Chipettes: Were going, Were going.

(the door closed.)

The Singing of the Puppies, RiseEdit

Eddie (said in a Nomel Voice): Ok, just like the show, the Voice, you got to sing O.k?

The Puppies: O.k!

(cut on Feddes " the Art" Art)

Eddie: Who are you?

the Art: I'm Feddes Art, a Teen Chipmunk who the fans love me. The fans nickname the most is 'The Art' and some nickname me 'Feddes the 2rd' I-

Eddie: OK, OK your bio is full now, SING!

The Art: Baby you lieht up my world like nobody lis the way you over wammed You know you are beautiful. ooh oh that what make you beautiful (done singing)

Eddie: Wow you are good singer.

(cut to Theodore and Dave)

Dave: You know your kids are growing.

Theodore: I can't to the door

Alvin: You got to be kidding we are small

Theodore: O.k. but i have an plan.

(cut to Ally)

Ally: I'm Ally, I sing some song to be can do (singing) Baby, your a firework, come let's color brost make go ah ah, As you going to sky ky ky. (singing done)

Eddie: you got good singing too.

(cut to The Chipmunks and the Chipettes sake up)

Alvin: Theo, my neeks hrat

Theodore: oh the Puppies are trying out on singing. Are Singing!

(The Chipmunks and the Chipettes fell down)

Dave: hey Guys look it Mtv News get the Puppies Born news

MTV News Porter: On this update news, the Puppies is born in 2 Days ago. this happied at the Birthing Center in CA. MTV News Reported Live in the Birthing Center. Benny where are you?

Benny: OK. I'm Live at the Birthing Center the news for the Chipettes give birth to the Puppies. let ask the guys who saw the birth.

Toby: It the time for puppies to get here. also i'm move here.

Theodore: It my Puppy, Feddes Art is the first one to came out for my wife. and I'm look down right?

(Cut to pic of the The Art)

Benny: He's Right it the First Puppy came to fell in love with the fans.

(cut to Benny)

Benny: It the fans most nickname is 'The Art' and some fans call 'Feddes the 2rd' but-

(the The Art fans came to Benny)

Fan #1: I'm The Art biggest fan

Fan #2: No I am!

Fans: The Art, The Art, The Art

Benny: well, it not good, Back at MTV News, Aw man!

(Dave Turn off the TV)

Theodore: He's Right!

Simon: See? Now we going to get lost and no one see us.

Theodore: That a bad idea.

Alvin: O.K The Art and The Puppies, I'm Know you in here!

Alex: Uh oh, it my dad!

The Art: And my Dad?

Samuel (said in the nomel voice): slow down, Feddes, I got this.

The Art: Samuel?

Alex and Ally and The Art: What are you doing here?

Samuel: I'm just look for da da to make room.

(Simon open the door)

Simon: Uh...

Samuel: Goo Goo ga ga

Simon: aww, you miss me?

Alvin: Hey do you singing? It not without your Mom and Dad's Permisson.

The Art: Sorry, I'm just get it right.

Simon: So, you just you get some sing to a Song?

The Art: No, Simon do you do where you get to a Hollywood bowl.

Simon: Ok, Go to you rooms

The Puppies: O.K.

The Art's Big MoveEdit

The Art: Come on, we got something to get the Hollywood Bowl

Alex: It not to be safish to sing without Mom or Dad's Permisson!

Eddie: No Amego, we got to be brave to get to The Hollywood Bowl.

The Art: Yes your right, we going to the Hollywood Bowl!

(Cut to Theodore and Alvin)

Alvin: Hey, Dad!

Dave: What?

Alvin: Do you know, we going to Hollywood Bowl?

Dave: uhh.. you thinked the Puppies can do that?

Alvin: Yes.

Theodore: Why Not?

Alvin: The Puppies going to go

Theodore: Oh...

(Cut to the Puppies as they edited the photo on FaceBook)

The Art: Hold on, I got a big liked on photo.

(He Post a Photo as 'Chipband101")

Puppies: Woo Hoo! Yes!

The Art: We did it!

(They Cut to the Liked fame)

Guy: What the.. Puppies is at Hollywood Bowl? I Going

Fan #1: Oh My Goodness! I'm Going too!

(a Fan get a The Art Poster)

Fan #1: Woo Hoo!

Greg: Mom, hold on..

Greg's Mom: It You said so..

(His Laptop sent a Photo)

Greg: Hey, Who are a Chipmunks Teens?

Rodrick: They Call the Puppies, I heared on MTV News.

Greg: Uhh.. Look at the Time, I Got to go.

Rodrick: Wimp.

(He looked on his laptop)

A Minifig: Coming at #10 is...

(Music apped and He is so Not lucky)

Alvin: Come on! you just a teen

The Art: I got a new friend.

Alvin: what?

The Art: I got a liker here!

Alvin: what is it?

The Art: is...

(looked at a liker name on facebook)

The Art: uhh.. GHRush.

Alvin: who is GHrush?

The Art: I Don't know.

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