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Alvin and the Chipmunks is a 2007 live-action/CGI film based on the popular musical group and animated series Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was directed Tim Hill and produced by 20th Century Fox, Regency Enterprises and Bagdasarian Productions.

The film has received harsh reviews from movie critics/websites such as rotten tomatoes, but has proved to be a huge financial success, making over $215 million to date in North America alone and over $350 million to date in total worldwide receipts, while being made on a budget of just $55 million. Jason Lee and the film won his and its first award at the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite Movie. It is also the third and most popular CGI-animal/live-action film by FOX, making it more successful than the very critically disliked Garfield and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties.


The tree that Alvin (Justin Long, singing voice by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.), the main protagonist, Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler, singing voice by Steve Vining), and Theodore (Jesse McCartney, singing voice by Janice Karman) live in is cut down and driven to Los Angeles to become a Christmas tree. It makes the Chipmunks find a new home.

Once in LA, the confused Chipmunks end up in the JETT Records office building, where Dave Seville (Jason Lee) is trying to have his song produced, but is brutally denied by the JETT Record's executive, Ian Hawke (David Cross), the main antagonist. As a dejected Dave leaves the office building, the Chipmunks quickly escape by jumping into a basket, which Dave is carrying.  

Dave unknowingly takes the Chipmunks home with him, where he throws it into the trash, which prompts a confused Theodore to claim, Gross! Is this his house?". Followed by Simon stating "No, it's his garbage can" and Theordore replies saying "Oh."

Then, the Chipmunks proceed to freely explore Dave's kitchen and eat a portion of his food, but is discovered by Dave in the process, which prompts a humorous game of hide-and-seek, with Dave as the unwilling participant. However, the game is abruptly ended when a escaping Alvn manages to drop a jar on Dave's head and knock him unconscious.

When Dave awakens, he is promptly greeted by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Dave is initially shocked, but calms down long enough for the Chipmunks to formally introduce themselves. However, he still finds the notion of talking animals "creepy" and "somewhat evil". Dave proceeds to trap the Chipmunks and tosses them outside.

The Chipmunks, however, sing a song (Funkytown), perfectly much to Dave's surprise. They are able to win him over, and a deal is struck, where the Chipmunks can live in his house, as long as they sing his songs. However, Dave quickly finds himself annoyed by the Chipmunks, as he is not used to the erratic behavior that comes from their young age and upon questioning learns that their parents abandoned them early in order to join a commune (if this is true or not is yet to be revealed).

The same night, after tucking the Chipmunks into bed, Dave is unable to sleep, and, after hearing the Chipmunks snoring, comes up with the "Chipmunk Song."

The next morning, Dave attempts to show the Chipmunks to an incredulous Ian, assuring him that they will be JETT record's next big hit. However, the Chipmunks experience stage fright, which prevents them for singing his song and ends up having Dave ridiculed by Ian. Angry at the failure, Dave takes the Chipmunks home, and goes to his job, in which he fails to present a presentation to his clients (due to the Chipmunks' destruction of his boards), making him get fired.

Later that night, Claire, after being invited to Dave's house for dinner, comes to Dave's house, while the Chipmunks are forced to stay in another room. Alvin, however, believing that Dave needs his help to win Claire over, unintentionally sabotages the date. Dave attempts to tell a frustrated Claire the reason for his strange behavior, but instead further alienates her, and in her anger, Claire quickly leaves the dinner. The Chipmunks feel guilty for Alvin's unintentional sabotage, and to make it up to Dave, they quickly leave to Ian's house that night to show Ian that Dave was right about their amazing talent.

Meanwhile, Dave decides to return the Chipmunks to their original home, and goes as far as writing the note before being overcome by his affection for them and decides against it. At Ian's house, upon seeing their performance, Ian welcomes the Chipmunks to JETT Records, and proceeds to quickly circulate the song and make it a big hit in just a few hours, much to the surprise of Dave.

The Chipmunks career soon skyrockets and by being managed and promoted by Ian, the Chipmunks continue to be wildly popular. Also, during this time, Dave sews the Chipmunks their sweaters.

urging Christmas Eve, Dave expereinces a heart-touching moment, in which Theodore asks to sleep with Dave, because he had a nightmare.

Christmas quickly comes, and in his excitement, Theodore, calls Dave "Dad," which prompts a nervous Dave to dissuade the notion of him being their father, much to the Chipmunks hurt.

After showing them their presents (which are savings bonds), Ian quickly interrupts and proceeds to shower the Chipmunks with many toys (as well as an invitation) to a Christmas night party.

During the party, Dave reconciles with Claire, who apologizes for leaving the dinner and not believing him.

Ian also tries to convince Dave to let him work with the Chipmunks, but is refused, and angered proceeds to plant false lies with the Chipmunks about Dave.

The following day, Dave arrives home to find the Chipmunks being once again showered by various gifts from JETT Records. Irritated by their behavior, Dave quickly converses with the Chipmunks, telling them that even with their new found stardom that they don't have the right to do anything that they please. Equally irritated by Dave, the Chipmunks quicky point out that Ian said that they should always be happy, while Alvin asks if he thinks of them as his kids or rats, much to the confusion of Dave (who doesn't know about the untrue things that Ian has told the Chipmunks).

Finally at the height of his anger, Dave tells them to go live with "Uncle Ian" if they like him so much, and do not think that he is currently looking out for their best interests, which hurt and surprise the Chipmunks.

That same night, Theodore tries to apologize to Dave, but discovers that he is sleeping. Theodore manages to see the letter that Dave wrote, and shows it to Alvin and Simon. Not knowing that Dave has already decided against returning them home, the Chipmunks interpret that Dave wants them gone, and heartbroken, they contact Ian to see if they could live with him.

Life with Ian is at first grand, as he supplies the Chipmunks with many toys, and allowing them to do whatever they please. However, things begin to turn when Ian starts to overwork them to the point of exhaustion and also reworks their image. Dave contacts Ian to see how the boys are doing, but is purposely blocked out by Ian, who fears that upon knowing that Dave misses them, that the Chipmunks will want to return to Dave.

As the coast-to-coast tour ends, Ian brings the Chipmunks back to Los Angles in order to perform their kickoff performance for their highly anticipated world tour. However, due to their exhaustion, the Chipmunks' voices have given out, and as a result, they can't perform their song. Not wanting to postpone the tour and give-out refunds, Ian decides to have the Chipmunks lip sync the song, which Simon considers cheating, but is convinced by Alvin that they have no choice.

Meanwhile, Dave learns that Ian still plans to proceed with the world tour (despite the Chipmunks' exhaustion), and, angered, proceeds to the theater to get his boys back.

Back at the theater, the concert has begun.

As Dave attempts to sneak into the theater, he is blocked by security, but is able to sneak in, with the help of Claire (who claims that he is her assistant). He then proceeds to the performance area, but is once again caught by security, who have been ordered by Ian to keep Dave away from the Chipmunks. However, as he is being escorted away, Dave manages to yell Alvin's name loud enough that he hears. Upon seeing Dave, the three quickly realize that Ian has lied to them and proceeds to reveal that they are lip syncing and begin to run amok. After a brief chase, Ian manages to capture the Chipmunks and quickly whisks away the Chipmunks, despite pleas from Dave to let them free.

As Ian is being chauffeured toward the airport, Dave quickly takes chase. As Dave furiously pursues Ian, the Chipmunks reveal themselves to Dave in his car.

Surprised to see them, Dave questions them on their escape, to which Simon replies that breaking out of a cat cage was not difficult in the first place. On the other hand, Ian (who was unaware of the Chipmunks' escape) discovers that the Chipmunks have escaped, and then he proceeds to yell a long, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

A few days later, Claire once again visits Dave house for dinner. However, the dinner once again proceeds disastrously when Alvin manages to spill champagne, which manages to short out the electricity, and prompts a irritated Dave to yell, "ALVIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!", while Alvin replies, "Okay!"

Ian is also shown trying to get 3 clueless squirrels to sing.

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  • The film is six times profitable with $360 million gross revenue on a $60 million dollar budget.
  • David yells out Alvin's name 3 times angrily and 1 time not:
    • First time when Alvin is running on a tape recorder.
    • Second time when he pulled a prank when Dave was sleeping by painting a red A on his forehead..
    • Third time when Alvin spilled champagne on the floor, which spills the electrical wires, making the lights go out.


  • When Dave said it was the worst day of his life, Alvin said and it's still early then Theodore accidentally hits the message button on the phone and it was Claire and she said she's nervous for dinner, then Dave says dinner is in 30 minutes. Dinner is at 7:00pm and it was very bright outside and it can't get pitch black in 30 minutes.
  • In the scene where Theodore knocks Dave out with a glass jar filled with peanuts, the cheese balls they spilled are gone. Furthermore dropping the glass jar on Dave's head would kill him in real life. The cheese balls are not there when he wakes up as well.


A sequel entitled Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel was released on December 21st in the UK December 23rd in the US and December 26th in Australia.

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official site of the Squeakquel.

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