It's time for the chipmunks to do their morning gathering and Simon takes role, and finds Simon is missing. Alvin is still inside the tree sleeping as usual, Simon wakes him up and tells Alvin it's time to gather food for next winter, Alvin asks what would be the use if Theodore's going to eat most of it. Alvin reluctantly goes with brothers, muttering to himself, saying their must be a better life than struggling for survival, and competing with other animals. Suddenly, the chipmunks spots a family having a picnic with a basket full of food, Alvin thinks if they were to bring that back to the tree they'd have enough food for next winter and they could stop gathering this year. Simon warns that they are ten times their size, but Alvin rushes in, and sneaks in the basket. The dad asks the mom for a sandwich in the basket, she sees Alvin and in a state of panic, the family drives away. Simon "congratulates" Alvin, and they notice a radio that the family left behind. Not knowing what it is, Alvin presses the play button, and the radio plays Funky Town. Gaining interest, Alvin dances along. Simon and Theodore move on, and Simon calls for Alvin to come with them, but Alvin says he'll catch up, as he continues to dance.   

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