Aruna Starlight Seville
Background Information
Portrayed by Taylor Swift
Inspiration Aruna is the concept for Simon and Jeanettes future child
Character Information
Personality Smart, Kind, Fun-Loving, Outgoing, Sometimes shy, Willing to speak her mind, Peace-Keeper, Temporarily clumsy

Tall, Short dark brown hair, Light blue eyes, Light pink nose, Black thin rectangular glasses, Lavender scrunchie, Lavender barette (To keep her bangs out of her face), White lab jacket, Ice blue and lavender beaded necklace (2 blue beads to ever 1 lavender bead), V-necked long sleeved shirt with lavender and dark purple horizantal stripes (1 lavender to ever 1 dark purple), White belt with a silver rectangular buckle, Short blue jean skirt trimmed with white lace, Lavender knee socks, one is bagged around her ankle (Simalar to her mothers style), Dark purple sneakers

Occupation Lead Singer of Munk Generations
Home Seville Manor

Simon (Father)

Jeanette (Mother)

David Seville (Grandfather)

Claire Seville (Grandmother)

Alvin Seville (Uncle)

Brittany Seville (Aunt)

Maurice Seville (Cousin)

Melanie Seville (Cousin)

Theodore Seville (Uncle)

Eleanor Seville (Aunt)

Toby Seville (Cousin)

Kandice Seville (Cousin)

Lilac (Pet white rat)


Maurice Seville, Melanie Seville, Toby Seville, Kandice Seville

Enemies Ian Hawke
Likes Reading, Computers, Robotics, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Writting, English, Flowers, Chemistry, Romance, Boys (But not a flirt), Babysitting
Dislikes Violence, Snakes, Spiders, Tight spaces, Dark places

"I am nothing like you would expect. You may see me as brave, when really I am quite shy, or you may see me as shy but really, I am quite out-going."


Brief Bio: Aruna Seville is the only child of Simon Seville and his wife, Jeanette Miller-Seville. Being an only child she was prone to lonelyness so her parents allowed her to get a pet rat, which Aruna lovingly named after her favorite flower, Lilac. Aruna has only a few friends outside her inner family circle, but is very close to her cousins, Maurice, Melania and Toby, and will eventually be close with her Uncle Theodores and her Aunt Eleanors new baby on the way, Kandice Seville. Aruna is very conflicted with herself and may be considered slightly bi-polar. She inherited some of her mothers natural clutzyness, but yet has an unusual aura of grace and swiftness about her. Aruna is extremely smart like both of her parents. Aruna is extremely scared of most creppy-crawlies, and will scream upon seeing them. Usually someone is seen covering her mouth before she can scream, but if no-one is around she will unleash a scream that is high-pitched enough to shatter thick bullet-proof glass. When she was younger and playing around with a chemistry set she got for Christmas, she created a potion allowing her to turn into a "Super-Hero". The potion does not give her extraordinary powers but it does allow her to temporarily enhance her natural abilities. She had created a set of super-sonic jet boots which allow her to fly, and she created a plasma gun allowing her temporarily stun enemy targets. She goes by the name of Super Nova her super-hero form.

Love Life:

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