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  • Matty (mother)
  • James (father)
  • Randy (older sister)
  • Holly (older sister)
  • Alison (older sister)

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Alvin Seville


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  • Carly Schroeder (voice in cartoons shows and films)
 Bella Kate Consmigter is a young girl who debuted in Alvin & the Chipmunks: New friends, old friends and became the supporting protagonist of the all new Alvin and the chipmunks tv show. She seems to have a crush on Alvin.


Bella has long blonde hair and brown eyes. She is more of a girly dresser than the chipettes, always wearing a bow on her hair no matter what. Bella's clothes are all nearly alike, always wearing a dress.  On her debut, Bella wore a completely white dress with a short skirt part, a white bow, and white socks and shoes, all due to the belief she didn't find her "true colors", but  throughout the movie Bella notices herself as a very sweet "at the same time" confident girl, Beginning at the end of the movie, Bella started wearing  a dress with a yellow shirt part and sleeves and lighter yellow skirt with a tutu like detail, a lemon chiffon hair bow, and vanilla shoes with cream ribbons.


Being a mildly austitic child, Bella has four sides to her personailty.

Her first side is show to be very decent, sweet, and considerate. A charming heart, Bella is shown try to show all virtues (which is tough when your first six best friends are mischievous chipmunks).

Bella's second side is somewhat serious. The most prominent example is MacPrank, where in order to keep the chipmunks and chipettes from ever feuding again, she forcibly made them promise to never prank anyone as long they live, only for all them to break it in later episodes. It was only until Alvin teared up for breaking it in Battle of the Brothers​ that Bella decide to turn back the promise, for she realized how difficult keeping the promise was.

Her third side is a rally girly side of Bella, from her liking of wearing bows and skirts, to her artistic ways of using colors, Bella has grown to be very girlish type, mostly thanks to befriending the Chipettes.

Her fourth and most noticed personality side is sentient towards Alvin. Bella is completely devoted to him that she'll even fake threats towards his brothers, the chipettes, Dave or anyone else with toy guns and baseball bats. She however has claimed that she's hasn't through actually doing the threats, saying befriending the chipmunks changed her by being nice to her.

History in Alvin & the Chipmunks: New friends, old friendsEdit

On her debut to the series, Bella was a transfer student at Clyde. C. Crashcup Elementary School from Dan Dragger School in Nevada due to the facts everyone at her old school made fun of her. She was a new student to the chipmunks' class, but after writing her name on the board everyone laughed at her because of her clothes being completely white, all except Alvin. After class, Alvin introduced himself to her, telling her that she would have a "ball" with him in her class, Bella then started to then secretly spy on Alvin and his brothers every other day after school, but after hearing that Dave was planning to send Alvin to the nut house and that everyone that knew him agreed to it, Bella then wrote a threatening letter to Dave saying.

"Send that cutie to the nut house to change him, and I'll make you pay every single price!"

However, Simon eventually found out it was her who wrote it (due to handwriting) and said that she didn't know what a jerk Alvin could be, Bella just said that she did and that was the kind of boy she always wanted to meet, and she just had have him in her life. But when Simon discouraged her, she grew a hissy fit on him, smashing his head with a shovel then left him cold, knowing the right thing to do was to tell Alvin the whole truth.  Two days after leaving Simon cold, Bella told Alvin the truth and made him swear no to tell David and that she truly had feelings for him. Later, with the school's every-year talent show coming Bella started sneaking the stage, she then revealed her love of music to the chipmunks after they caught her sneaking. Alvin planned to have her sing with them as the final act for the talent show (despite her stage fright), but he later got spotted by the law and was accused of rampaging letters. Bella however knew that the letters weren't written by Alvin because he wrote his signatures in both her autograph book and "friends' signature" book, signatures on the letters all didn't match his handwriting. The night before Alvin was about to be executed, she, Simon, Theodore, Pam, and the Chippettes snuck into the prison to save him, after sneaking into thought a mysterious way in (which reveals to be the pipes to the bathroom) and getting Alvin out of there alive then showing Dave and Miss Miller her proof that he's innocent, Tina rushes to them and admitted that she wrote the letters for Zina SinDu so Zina, Dave's former landlord, and Dr Frankenstein could get revenge on Alvin and get his money. Zina then appeared and kidnapped Tina for betraying her promise, Alvin then attacked and started a fight with her, the fight kept going on until Pam threw a stick to Alvin and he hit Zina on the head and she dropped Tina. The landlord attempts to take the chipmunks away claiming he will "finally destory those pets", but Bella, disgusted, screamed "They Are Not Pets! They're MY FRIENDS!" and whacks him in the face.  After the landlord, Zina and Dr Frankenstein were arrested false identify on the letters, when the chipmunks were panicing that Bella wasn't there and they about to do their act for the talent show, Bella then came on the stage joining them wearing a very colorfully yellow outfit telling them that she realizes her true colors, then a fouth spot accidentally shined on her, Alvin just told her it is worth. After performing "Can't Fight This Feeling" with the chipmunks, Bella was glad to know not only did the four of them won the talent show, but she is now a true friend of Alvin, the chipmunks and the chipettes.  

Other historyEdit

after her debut, 


Notes about BellaEdit

  • She is the only regular human character to really sing songs with the chipmunks
  • Bella always pulls down Brittany's skirt when she starts to discourage her.  
  • Bella's two wishes is to become a milkgirl (kinda like a milkman) or a carhop waitress.
  • Whenever the chipmunks go their separate ways or break up, Bella blames herself for bond reasons.
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