Brittany and Elenore Face-Off is a seane of the fanon episode, "Simple Ways". Brittany and Elenore trade places to get Jaden's love.

Transcript Edit

Elenore: (in a Brittany-type voice) Life is a festival, and you can celebrate it by being just like me, cause I'm a transecting fashionista! (Snaps pics)

Brittany: You are a transecting fashionista? Why that's the most redivculous thing I've ever heard- I mean- (in Elenore voice) Good for you, I on the other paw couldn't care much how I look, long as I get the chores done! (Donkey noise)

Elenore: Oh, is that so?

Brittany: Yes in deedy-diddly!

Elenore: Well, anyways, I hair needs to be perfectly cropped at all times.

Brittany: Well, my HAIR is feeld with dust and- split ends!

Elenore: I'm ALWAYS fashion-fun hand!

Brittany: I wear droopy dresses!

Elenore: I smell like Rosebuds!

Brittany: I LOVE BEING COVERED IN MUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In shouting voice)

[Brittany jumps in the puddle of mud, splashing Elenore's skirt]

Elenore: *gasp* LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!!


Elenore: (pauses) What does that mean anyways?

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