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Brittany and the Chipettes

Brittany and the Chipettes is the Chipettes band from the Millennial Universe James and his Chipettes agreed to change their name when they almost preformed at one of the Chipette's Concerts. Although in the Millenial Universe everyone still calls them the Chipettes. They are known as excellent singers (about as good as the Chipmunks, if not then better) And scene James Seville has taken over their Management, they have gotten even better.


Brittany Seville - The Leader and Head Singer of the Chipettes. She's known to have an ego (But nothing like her '80's Counterpart) And she always loves and looks out for her Sisters. She's actually enjoyed having James Seville around probally the most. And she is much more Open-minded (and less prideful) than her '80's Counterpart also.

Jeanette Seville - The Tallest and smartest of the Chipettes. She has a tendency to be shy and not atempt anything that could end up with her glasses broken. She's less likely to stand up to Brittany (Eather One) when she knows their wrong, unless she also knows that they will get hurt from it also. She is intreged to be able to work with Alternate versions of herself, and Loves James (as a Manager).

Eleanor Seville - The Smallest of the Chipettes. She's always excited about something. Whether it's working (and befriending) her '80's Counterpart or hanging out with Theodore, or just enjoying James Company, She always seems to be enjoying the Moment. She has a tendancy to stand up to Brittany when she thinks that she's wrong.

James Seville - Manager/Protector of the Chipettes. James is the Chipettes Manager and Protector, and he loves his job! He is the head Guitarist for the band, and always treats them with care (Compared to Ian Hawke, who would just use them for his own means). James loves 'hanging' with his Chipettes, And a little known fact is that is very Smart. He has 2 Retractable Tonfa Blades on his arms, along with 2 Grappling Hooks, also he has been noted that his backpack does actually seem to be a Jetpack.

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