Cash is long lost brother of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore who appears in the stories. The fourth munk and new munks, written by Michael Evans. Cash is the eldest brother, a mere second older than Alvin. He is also virtually identical to Alvin, with very few differences between them. They are the same height, weight and, of course, age. The only differences between them is that Cash has slightly longer bangs, which cast a shadow over his eyes when his head is lowered, and his color is black, not red.

Origins Edit

(Note: This is the back story for the fourth munk story.) When the boys mother, Vinny, was young, she met their father, Tom. He saved her life from a bear when she accidentally stumbled to close to it's lair. They soon fell in love and Vinny became pregnant with the boys soon after they were married. Unfortunately, a week before the boys were born, Tom was killed. He was trying to save a family of rabbits from a hunter at the time. Said hunter shot him to death. Despite losing her husband, Vinny carried on and gave birth to the boys. Cash's eyes were the first to open, which would explain why he has dream-like memories of the incident that separated him and his brothers. One day, before the winter that caused their mother to have to give up her other sons, Vinny had everyone outside, soaking up the last warming rays of sun available before winter would roll in. However,a large thunder storm came in suddenly and heavy rain began to fall. Desperate to get her sons out of the rain, Vinny gathered the boys into her arms. However, Alvin accidentally pushed Cash out of Vinny's arms when he tried to get closer to her for shelter from the rain. Cash fell into a mudslide, caused by the rain, and then slid into th flooding river, where he was washed down stream. Fearing Cash had been killed, and knowing that she would not be able to stand seeing her ons corpse, Vinny did not search for him. However, Cash survived, though just barely. He washed up on a bank down river. A kind, elderly Japanese-American man named Agito Ikebana happened to be camping there. The rain stopped and Agito found Cash. He nursed the young chipmunk back to health and then, after finding out that he could walk, talk and act like a human child, Agito took Cash in and raised him as his own son. Cash's name then became Cash Ikebana. Cash and Agito, much like the chipmunks and Dave, shared many adventures together. Agito evened trained Cash in the Ikebana family sword combat style and made Cash his own sword, which is hardly ever not near him. However, shortly after Cash's, and his brothers of course, thirteenth birthday, it was revealed to Cash that Agito was dying of lung cancer. He had the disease for two years, but hid it from Cash, so as not to worry him. Agito's final wish was for Cash to venture out and find the brothers that his now dulled by age memories told him about. From clues pieced together from these memories, Agito told Cash that he was positive that the chipmunks were his brothers. Cash gathered his things after Agito's funeral and traveled the two hundred mile journey to Hollywood to meet his brothers. That same night, the Chipettes discovered their own long lost sibling, Katrina. Everyone gathered at Dave's to meet. Dave and Miss Miller promptly went into the other room to write up the papers thy would need to adopt Cash and Katina respectively, after setting up a test at the clinic nearby to make sure that that two new munks were related to their kids. While this was going on, the kids played truth or dare, which in the process of, Katrina got dared to kiss Cash and she did. After this, Cash used the game to make his brothers kiss the Chipettes and, with Katrina's support, finally got them together as lasting couples. He and Katrina also became a couple. After the blood test and adoption, the munks began to get used to having Cash and Katrina around and they quickly melded into the families lives. And thus began a long string of adventures for the chipmunks.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Cash is naturally, physically stronger than his brothers. This may be due to the fact that Cash has an excelerated metabolism, which would quicken the growth of muscle fibers in Cash's body, making him stronger and faster than his brothers. This also explains Cash's incredible agility and healing ability. He also posses the ability to repeat any guitar solo he hears. On top of this, Cash is a polyglot, meaning he speaks multiple languages. He speaks English, Japanese, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish. This is due to Agito wanting Cash to have the best possible start in life. Cash also has a wealth of knowledge of Japanese culture, history and myth.


Cash is a fusion of his brothers. He is as competitive as Alvin, almost as clever as Simon, and is a kind soul, just like Theodore.


Due to his training, Cash is often placed in the leadership role. However, as to not bear the weight of that role on his, and also not to anger his brother, Cash prefers to say that he is co-leader, alongside Alvin.

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