Charlene Wilson/Deárbol is a chipette that appear on The Chipmunks go hollywood album,Rockin' Through the Decades,and Alvin and the chipmunks 4.In the cartoon she only had a small speaking part,but in the movie she is voiced by Paris Hilton.
Charlene the chipette

Album and CartoonEdit

Charlene was actually the start of The Chipettes in 1982 on the Alvin and the Chipmunks' album "The Chipmunks Go Hollywood On this album, Alvin sings a duet with a female character billed as Charlene the Chipette. Charlene is featured on the song You're the One That I Want from the soundtrack of the motion picture Grease. Charlene was depicted on the album cover as having a long, blonde ponytail, and seems to have been the basis for the later character of Brittany. She later made a visual appearance in 1981 before the album in A Chipmunk Christmas as a cameo and in 1990, in
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Charlene as she appears in the animated series

Rockin' with the Chipmunks, where she danced and lip-synced in the music video for Crocodile Rock by Elton John.

The Chipmunk Multi-VerseEdit

Charlene is apart of the Darkettes and has been trying to get Revenge on Brittany and the Chipettes for deserting her when they were young.

Early LifeEdit

Charlene was the first oldest of the Chipettes and when their mother was killed by Pochers, she tried to help them escape but got seperated from them (during which the Chipettes meet Olivia and was living in the Ophanage) Charlene later found out that they had been "adopted" by Olivia and went to try to help them, But Brittany didn't like Charlene because she was older than Brittany meaning she was in charge(since Jeanette is too shy for that job), after a fight with Brittany, Charlene left very hurt. and then Whitney met up with her and 'raised' her to be a Darkette. Charlene and atempted to capture the Chipmunks before the Chipettes came on the scene but failed.

Charlene and the DarkettesEdit

Later in the Darkmunk Universe Charlene and Jeanette Miller (after they used the Darkcontroller on her) captured many of the Chipmunks and Chipettes but after James Seville distroyed the Darkcontroller, Charlene escaped along with the rest of the Darkmunks and Darkettes, and promised she will get revenge on the Chipettes.


Charlene hasn't made any appearance in the CGI films.

Early lifeEdit

It is seen in a flashback that around the same time The Chipettes we're born in her Aunt Salice's litter she was born to her mother

Eliza Deárbol after her 8-year old twin sisters Hazel (that looks like Jeanette/Cheecka with red hair) and Macemedia (that looks like Eleanor/Amora with brown hair) who she lives with today after their parents mysetioursly disappeared her aunt also died when she along with her uncle and her cosuins we're captured by poachers leaving The Chipettes as orphans and they also suffred from anmesia.She and 2 of her cosuins were voiced by Nika Futterman as newborns and with a cameo by Kaitlyn Maher as a 5-year old


Rocking Through The DeceadesEdit

She sang Crocdile Rock with Jagger

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the DarkettesEdit

Portrayed by:Edit

  • Janice Karman? (1981-present)
  • Paris Hilton (2013)
  • Nika Futterman (infant)
  • Taylor Swift (young)

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