At school during gym.

Julie Ortega: Keep it up guys the more you exercise the stronger you are that's right Chipmunks work those muscles and now break time.

Gym teacher: Tomorrow you should practice dodgeball to test your aim and speed!

Ryan Edwards: Yes I'm going to have a rematch with those annoying Chipmunks Newton and Gigi your helping me!

That night.

Simon: Great we're going to play dodgeball with Ryan again!

Alvin: Cmon guys we beat him once and we'll beat him again!

Theodore: Um ok but we need sleep.

The next day at school.

Ryan Edwards: Ok time to pay Chipmunks!

Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: (Paticing cheerleading) Who will win this Chipmunks C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K-S Chipmunks!

Gym Teacher: Ok start!

Alvin: (Throws dodgeball at unknown dodgeball player) Take that!

Ryan: (Throws dodgeball at Simon) Your out!

Theodore: (Grabs dodgeball and throw it at another Unknown dodgeball player) Your out!

Few hours later it's down to Ryan, Newton and Gigi.

Newton and Gigi: (Throws dodgeball at Theodore) Take that Theo!

Alvin: Ok you three ask for it!

Ryan, Newton and Gigi threw dodge balls at Alvin and he dodge it.

Alvin: Take this! (Throws dodgeball like a boomerang first it hit Gigi, then Newton and then Ryan).

Everyone and the Chipettes started cheering.

Gym Teacher: Impressive Alvin you all of you did a great job see you tomorrow but as for Ryan, Newton and Gigi you three are staying in detention for 3 hours.

Newton: This sucks right now!

Gigi: Curse you Chipmunks and Chipettes!

Ryan: I'll get you next time Chipmunks and Chipettes no matter how much dodgeball pratices it takes!

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