The Chipmunk Tour Saga by William Raymer is a series of eight stories featuring the Chipmunks and Chipettes interacting with characters from several other entities. Two prequel stories are also counted as being in the Saga, which set up the events seen in the main eight-story spread, as well as a closing ceremony.

Book Zero-Alpha: A Goofy Wedding: The Ultimate Disney FanficEdit

A Goofy Wedding: The Ultimate Disney Fanfic is the first of two prequel stories to the CTS. In this story, we learn the origins of the Toon Force Power Rangers.

A Goofy Wedding: The Ultimate Disney Fanfic on

Book Zero-Beta: Alvin and Brittany: Into the MysticEdit

In the other CTS prequel story, twenty years have now passed since the events depicted in The Chipmunk Adventure. Alvin and Brittany decide to take the next step in their romantic relationship, but Klaus and Claudia attempt to take revenge.

Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic on

Book One: Come and Follow MeEdit

The first official CTS story features the Chipmunks and Chipettes-now joined by the Toon Force Power Rangers-as they become caught up in a plot for robotic revenge. Features characters from the 1986 motion picture Short Circuit and its 1988 sequel.

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book One: Come and Follow Me on

Book Two: Sitch and SensibilityEdit

The Chipmunks and Chipettes help the world's greatest hero, Kim Possible, get married. Features characters from the 2002-2007 Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible, with additional appearances by characters from Lilo & Stitch: The Series and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Two: Sitch and Sensibility on

Book Three: Ohana, InterruptedEdit

Team Chipmunk travels to Hawaii and joins Lilo and Stitch, as well as their extended ohana (family) as they face off against the evil Hämsterviel and his cohort, Leroy (of Leroy & Stitch fame). Features characters from Lilo & Stitch: The Series as well as appearances by Troy, Gabriella and Kelsi from the High School Musical series.

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Three: Ohana, Interrupted on

Book Four: Wildcat Spirits Forever!Edit

Troy and Gabriella (the main couple from High School Musical) are getting married, with Team Chipmunk along for the ride! Features characters from the High School Musical series, as well as a cameo appearance by Hiroyuki Sakai, a real-life individual who inspired author William Raymer.

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Four: Wildcat Spirits Forever! on

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: Originally, a second real-life individual, Joanna Pacitti, had appeared in this story and the remaining stories in the C.T.S. However, following Pacitti's disqualification from the 8th season of American Idol, she was removed from the C.T.S. and replaced with Kylie Styles, a character from Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Pacitti was due to be reinstated to the C.T.S. for a re-vamped version on The Seville Library, a repository for Alvin & The Chimpunks fan fiction, prior to the site's shutdown. As a result, Styles remains in all C.T.S. materials in Pacitti's place.

Book Five: More Than Meets The EyeEdit

Team Chipmunk meet Sam Witwicky and Mikela Banes, as well as join the Autobots in their continuing war with the evil Decepticons. Uses characters from both the 1980s Transformers animated series and the 2007 motion picture based on it.

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Five: More Than Meets The Eye on

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: This story became dedicated to the memory of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry following her December 18, 2008 passing. References to Barrett-Roddenberry's passing were eventually worked into the story.

Book Six: Kingdom Hearts, Part One - Turnabout IntruderEdit

In part one of the final three-story arc, Team Chipmunk must work with Special Agent Gibbs and his team of NCIS agents when the remains of the mysterious All-Spark are stolen from a U.S. Navy evidence depot. Features characters from the on-going CBS television series NCIS.

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Six: Kingdom Hearts, Part One - Turnabout Intruder on

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: This story was named after the final episode of the original Star Trek television series.

The (in CTS universe) NCIS television series is based on Alvin's favorite book, Deep Six: The Continuing Adventures of L.J. Tibbs, as established in Book V: More Than Meets The Eye.

Book Seven: Kingdom Hearts, Part Two - What You Leave BehindEdit

In part two of the final three-story arc, Team Chipmunk must search for a replacement to their Ranger powers. Features appearances by an all-new character the author cannot reveal yet, as well as by Ahsoka Tano from the Cartoon Network/Lucasfilm Animation television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Seven: Kingdom Hearts, Part Two - What You Leave Behind on

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: This story was named after the final episode of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series.

Book Eight: Kingdom Hearts, Part Three - EndgameEdit

The time has arrived! In the final chapter of the Chipmunk Tour Saga, Team Chipmunk and all of their allies from across time and space must fight Unicron in the ultimate battle! Includes a special preview of William Raymer's next series, Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation!

Chipmunk Tour Saga, Book Eight: Kingdom Hearts, Part Three-Endgame on

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: This story was named after the final episode of the Star Trek: Voyager television series.

Special Supplement: Chipmunk Tour Saga Closing Ceremony SpecialEdit

William Raymer interviews the characters of the Chipmunk Tour Saga. Each subject reveals a never-told story about life on the tour, shown through deleted scenes from Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic and the eight official C.T.S. stories.

Chipmunk Tour Saga "Closing Ceremony Special" on


Note: Following the severance of Team Chipmunk's link to the Morphing Grid in Book VII: "Kingdom Hearts, Part II: 'What You Leave Behind,'" they needed to find a replacement power source. The Super Sentai ranger that each applicable character got as his/her new power will be listed in parenthesis after their name.

Series Original CharactersEdit

In addition to the Chipmunk and Chipette characters and the other pre-created characters used in the series, there are eight primary original characters used throughout the series. Please note that spoiler details for CTS stories are listed below. Read at your own risk.

Jason ArcherEdit

Jason Kennedy Archer (born 1 May 1982, Burbank, California USA) is the host of Jason's Jam-Time, a nationally-syndicated radio show.

Three years before the events of Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic, Jason met Alvin at a party to celebrate the DVD release of The Chipmunk Adventure. Jason expressed to Alvin his hope that if his and Brittany's relationship came to a wedding, the ceremony would be held on a May 1st.

After a successful Jason's Jam-Time broadcast in late May 2007, Jason was kidnapped by forces working for Schroeder, former head of security for Nova Robotics (see Short Circuit link above). After escaping, Jason hid in an underground bunker, where he found the Three Stooges (three robots similar to the robotic Johnny Five, the main character of Short Circuit, that were re-programmed to act like the legendary comedy team) and a green dagger which turned him into the Green Toon Force Power Ranger.

After Archer's girlfriend, Melinda Crosby, was kidnapped in retaliation for Archer's escape, Archer used his powers for the first time during the rescue. A few hours later, Jason proposed to Melinda during the taping of Bob Barker's final episode as host of The Price is Right. She accepted.

A few days later, Archer became the Red Toon Force Ranger following the resignation of Max and Roxanne Goof due to Roxanne's pregnancy.

Just before the wedding of Ron and Kim Stoppable, Archer learned that he would succeed Bob Barker as host of Price is Right.

Archer was awarded the United Galactic Federation's highest honor, the Hero's Cross, for his part in the apprehension of the evil Dr. Hämsterviel.

The day before Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez's wedding, Jason participated in a host-exchange week where he would host a week of tapings of Family Feud, while normal Family Feud host John O'Hurley would take Jason's place as host of The Price is Right.

Jason is well-known as a fan of the popular Japanese TV cooking competition series Iron Chef, which was evidenced in the "Yomigaeru" (or "Come to life") ritual Jason used as the opening ceremonies of a concert by Team Chipmunk to start East High School's (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 2008-2009 school year.

Following the severance of Team Chipmunk's connection to the Morphing Grid, Jason received the powers of a powerful warrior known as "Big One."

As Big One, Jason used props from The Price is Right as weapons, such as the "Plinko-ken," a shuriken in the shape of a chip from TPiR's most popular pricing game.

Although the date is not specified in Kingdom Hearts, Part III: "Endgame", Jason and Melinda got married on January 19th, 2009.

Melinda Crosby-ArcherEdit

Melinda Jane Archer (née Crosby) (born 1 January 1988 in Havre, Montana USA) is the daughter of noted robotics scientist Dr. Newton Crosby and his wife Stephanie (the human protagonists of Short Circuit). She met and fell in love with Jason Archer in 2005, when Jason's Jam-Time broadcasted on remote from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where Melinda was studying.

After being rescued by the Toon Force and Neo-Space Rangers, Melinda accepted Jason's marriage proposal during the taping of Bob Barker's final episode as host of The Price is Right. A few days later during the Chipmunk Adventure 20th Anniversary World Tour's first stop in New York, the debut of "Come and Follow Me," Alvin and Brittany's then-latest single, was dedicated to Jason and Melinda.

Although the date is not specified in Kingdom Hearts, Part III: "Endgame", Jason and Melinda got married on January 19th, 2009.


Zeo (born 13 October 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii USA) is the son of Stitch (Jookiba Experiment 626) and his girlfriend, Angel (J.E. 624). He is the first known biological offspring of two Jookiba Experiments.

Less than a week following his birth, he can already speak English and Turoan, the native language of his parents. He also possesses a cross-mixture of abilities from both of his parents, as well as an immunity to Angel's primary ability-a siren's song that can turn pre-Stitch Experiments from good to bad.

Zeo earned the Hero's Cross for his participation in the battle against Hämsterviel and his forces.

Melissa BensonEdit

Melissa Anne Benson (born 7 January 1994, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA) is a sophomore at East High School as of the start of Wildcat Spirits Forever!

Not much is known about this young woman, except that she met and fell in love with Jimmie Zara in the summer following the events of High School Musical 3: Senior Year and that she has won more than one celebrity look-alike contest due to her resemblance to Hannah Montana.

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: The latter is because William Raymer created Melissa based on Miley Cyrus' fan-voted cameo appearance in High School Musical 2 (where she was credited as "Girl at Pool" during the "All For One" musical sequence.)

The Goof TwinsEdit

Padmé Adriana Martin-Goof and Majel Michelle Martin-Goof (both born 19 December 2008, Tranquility, California USA) are the twin daughters of Maximilian and Roxanne Goof.

It was Roxanne becoming pregnant with Padmé and Majel that forced Max and Roxanne to resign as Toon Force Power Rangers.

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: Padmé Adriana (Baby A) was named after Padmé Amidala (a character voiced by Grey DeLisle [Roxanne's House of Mouse voice actress]) in the 2003-2005 Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series, while Majel Michelle (Baby B) was named after the late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

William AdamleEdit

William Charles Adamle (born 10 October 1949, Chicago, Illinois USA) is the president of SFM Records, the record label to which The Chipmunks, The Chipettes, Hannah Montana and Joanna Pacitti (Kylie Styles in versions of the C.T.S. stories) are signed.

On 1 May 2007 (Alvin and Brittany's original wedding day), Adamle sent word (via Yubaba) that a recording studio at Moger Plaza (SFM Records' corporate headquarters) would be renamed in honor of the Chipmunks and Chipettes' contributions to SFM Records' successes.

On 20 December 2008, Adamle personally called Alvin and informed him that Team Chipmunk's most recent album at the time, Beyond the Mystic, had been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: William Adamle is named in honor of Mike Adamle, a former NFL running back (most prominently for the New York Jets), commentator and one-time celebrity contender on the original incarnation of American Gladiators and former general manager of the Raw brand of World Wrestling Entertainment.

SFM Records is a fictional division of the real-life television production and distribution company SFM Entertainment, LLC. In our real world, SFM does not have a record label under its auspices.

Stargazer StarheartEdit

Stargazer Starheart (birth date unknown) is a "tinker fairy" from the land of Pixie Hollow, deep within Never Land.

Thousands of years ago, she was selected by Zordon to be the administrator of the Power Archive located on planet Barza, a repository for all of the Ranger energies from throughout the multiverse.

Twelve years following the Countdown to Destruction incident, in which Zordon was allegedly killed, Zordon was nursed back to health by Stargazer, and began to help Stargazer administrate the facility.

In order to restore Ultra Magnus to life, Stargazer and Zordon merged their energies to form a new life-spark for the brave Autobot warrior.

However, before Stargazer was completely lost, she dissolved into a cloud of energy and merged with Brittany Miller-Seville.

The meaning of part of Stargazer's final words, "May a new life arise from this gift," became clear after the defeat of Unicron: Brittany became pregnant following the merger and gave birth to Stargazer Cerulean Miller-Seville on September 24th, 2009.

CHIPMUNK TOUR TRIVIA: Stargazer was created using the "Pixie Hollow" online game from Disney. Her home in Pixie Hollow can be found here.

Real-Life PersonalitiesEdit

Note: This category is intended for those CTS characters who exist as real people in our real world. Their presence in the CTS is only intended to be tributes in honor of their inspiration to the author.

Team ChipmunkEdit

Ranger Team 1Edit

  • Accel Changer
    • Accel Key
  • Accellular
  • Chrono Changer
  • SP License
  • Hurricane Gyro
  • Wing Trigger

Ranger Team 2Edit

  • GoGo Brace
  • Doron Changer
  • Ginga Brace
  • Techno Brace
  • MagiPhone
  • Capulse Jewel

Ranger Team 3Edit

  • Silver MagiPhone
  • Masking Brace
  • Twin Brace
  • BraceThrottle
  • Hurricane Gyro
  • Battle Bonder

Ranger Team 4Edit

  • Vulcan Brace
  • V-Changer
  • Swan License
  • Turbo Brace
  • G-Phone
  • Wing Trigger


  • Sentinel Prime - Rosenbauer Panther Airport crash tender fire truck
  • (Burning Hearts) Optimus Prime (Omega Armor Mode) - Peterbilt 379 semi-trailer truck

Note: Burning Hearts Optimus Prime was created by the powers of the Kingdom Hearts merging Jason Archer/BigOne with Optimus Prime.

  • Ultra Magnus - GMC Vandura (originally used by Nova Laboratories)
  • Hot Rod/Rodimus - Cybertronian Sportscar/Cybertronian RV Truck
  • Femmebots
    • Elita-1 - MV Agusta F4 series motorbike
    • Chromia - Suzuki B-King motorbike
    • Arcee - Ducati 848 superbike
  • Ironhide - Modified GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck
  • Ratchet - Hummer H2 Fire Search & Rescue SUV
  • Wheeljack - DeLorean DMC-12
  • Bumblebee - Modified 2006 Chevrolet Camaro concept
  • Jazz - Modified Pontiac Solstice GXP (revived through fragments of the All Spark)
  • Sideswipe - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible
  • Jolt - Chevrolet Jolt
  • Twins
  • Q - Mercedes-Benz W212
  • Wheelie - RC Ford F-Series monster truck
  • Jetfire - Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
  • Silverbolt - ?
  • Wreckers
  • Dinobots
    • Grimlock - Mechanical Tyrannosaurus
    • Slagg - Mechanical Triceratops
    • Sludge - Mechanical Brachiosaurus
    • Snarl - Mechanical Stegosaurus
    • Swoop - Mechanical Pteranodon
  • Omega Supreme - Space Shuttle Discovery

Other membersEdit

Ghibli Sentai YumeRanger (f/k/a Studio Ghibli Sentai OhRanger)Edit

  • Chihiro Ogino - YumeGold and team leader
  • Tombo Koppori - YumeRed
  • Haku - YumeGreen
  • Prince Ashitaka - YumeBlue
  • Kiki Koppori - YumeYellow
  • Princess "San" Mononoke - YumePink

Note: Ghibli Sentai YumeRanger, while officially classified a Power Rangers team in the C.T.S. database, is named in the manner of the Super Sentai franchise (the Japanese franchise Power Rangers is adapted from). The Sentai nomenclature for each Zord listed above is shown in parentheses.


The prototypes for the MMPR's original Dinozords, brought to live by the AllSpark.

  • Ultimate Daizyujin
    • Daizyujin
      • Guardianosaur Tyrannosaurus
      • Guardianosaur Mammoth
      • Guardianosaur Triceratops
      • Guardianosaur Smilodon
      • Guardianosaur Pteranodon
    • Guardianosaur Godzilla
    • Great Guardianosaur Titanus

Minor charactersEdit

Former Power RangersEdit

Note: Kira Ford is officially an active Power Ranger, following the return of her powers by the Sentinel Knight in the two-part Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive episode "Once a Ranger." Her classification on this list is based on her presence in A Goofy Wedding: The Ultimate Disney Fanfic.


Decepticon EmpireEdit

  • Megatronus Prime the Fallen - Cybertronian Destroyer
  • Galvatron - Armored Mack semi-trailer tank truck (reformmated from Megatron)
  • Shockwave - Cybertronian war tank
  • Starscream - F-22 Raptor
  • Soundwave - SUV
    • Ravage - Mechanical Jaguar/Re-entry mode (revived through Dark Energon)
    • Laserbeak - Mechanical Condor/Dragonhawk
  • Barricade - Police Saleen S281
    • Frenzy - CD Player (revived through Dark Energon)
  • Brawl - Modified M1 Abrams tank (revived through Dark Energon)
  • Bonecrusher - Buffalo mine protected vehicle (revived through Dark Energon)
  • Sideways - Audi R8 (revived through Dark Energon)
  • Blackout - MH-53M Pave Low IV helicopter (revived through Dark Energon)
    • Scorponok - Mechanical scorpion (revived through Dark Energon)
  • Dreadbox - Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Constructicons / Devastator
    • Scrapper - Caterpillar 992G scoop loader
    • Rampage - Caterpillar D9 bulldozer/"Jackhammer"
    • Hightower - Kobelco CK2500 crawler crane
    • Long Haul - Caterpillar 773B dump truck
    • Mixmaster - Mack concrete mixer
    • Scavenger - Terex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator
  • Dreads
    • Crankcase - Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicle
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