This page is about the Anti-Chipmunks conflicts with others.

James SevilleEdit

The Darkmunks wish to kill James because he has been in the way too often, He has commonly stopped several of their plans, and the Darkmunks had even took the assistance of Ian Hawke to try to kill him.

The ChipmunksEdit

In the Dream Mansion movies, Melvin calls Alvin a loser wussy and once threw him against a window. He even tricked Dave into thinking he was Alvin. Alvin and Melvin's conflict is the most prominent.

Melvin is seen strangling Simon onscreen, even for the edited version. He also hates him for "getting in the way" of his "fun".

Melvin's similarities to AlvinEdit

  • They are both chipmunks.
  • They have two brothers.
  • They can both be self-absorbed and greedy.

Melvin's differences from AlvinEdit

  • Despite his antics, Alvin does not intend to hurt anyone. Melvin actually tries to and enjoys hurting people during his shenanigans, even stating that it's "the best part of it".
  • Alvin's eyes are a golden-brown color, Melvin's are a red-orange color.
  • As of his second appearance, Melvin has longer hair on his head, including a rat tail in the back.
  • Melvin wears sunglasses and a leather jacket and his shirt underneath is a darker shade of red with an "M" on it.
  • Despite Alvin being shown at times to be quite self-absorbed and greedy, he is shown at others to be selfless and giving. Melvin does not show such acts of mercy, as he is immensely impatient and unsympathetic with any weakness.
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