This page is about the conflict between the Anti-Chipettes and other characters.

The ChipmunksEdit

They seem to not like the Chipmunks, as well as the Chipettes, though the Darkettes flirted with the Chipmunks just to see their reactions.

The ChipettesEdit

They have animosity for the Chipettes.

James SevilleEdit

The Darkettes specifically hate James Seville for interfering with their plans several times. Whitney at first thought of him as an irritation but now he's proven himself to be much more than that. Joelle has a major beef with him for destroying the Darkcontroller

'80's ChipmunksEdit

The Darkettes see the '80's Chipmunks as fitting to serve them, but that's about it. They are happy to Destroy them or make them their slaves. Joelle is constantly trying to Control Simon, because she likes him more than Seymour. In The Chipmunk Multi-Verse they first wanted to just to control them so that they along with the Darkmunks could gain access to the Prime Universe, but now they wish to capture them and use them for Joelle's experiments.

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