The Darkmunk Universe is apart of the Chipmunk Universe, and is the only Evil Universe in the Multi-Verse. This Universe resembles the Transformers Shattered Glass Universe. And no one (except for James Seville and co.) have left this Universe, so If you're planning a vacation there, make sure your calendar is empty for... the rest of your life.

People living thereEdit

The Darkmunks - Rulers of the Darkmunk Universe along with the Darkettes.

  • Melvin
  • Seymour
  • Theo
  • Dav (Dark Dave) - The Darkmunks Adoptive Father. The difference between him and Dave Seville is that he seems not to care what The Darkmunks do, as Dave seems to be frantic to take care of his boys as well as having his patience tested by Alvin on a daily basis.

The Darkettes - Also rules the Darkmunk Universe along with the Darkmunks.

The Resistance

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