The Elemental Stones are items of power that were spread out throughout The Chipmunk Multiverse for safekeeping. They will only respond to an Elemental or a Chosen one that was chosen to wield that power. They all come from The Chipmunk Multi-Verse series.

There are eight Elemental Stones that were spread out across the multiverse to keep them away from evil. There origin is unknown, and they have tremenous power. Each stone has a Defense system within it to keep anyone who would use it for evil away, each Defense system uses the power that the stone possesses.

Here is a list of the Stones. It reads like this: Power, Look, Location, Defense System, Chosen One

Fire, Flame, Unknown, Burns anyone who touches it. Unknown

Water, Raindrop, Unknown, Orb of water surrounds person's head until it's released. Unknown

Wind, Tornado, Unknown, Causes massive storms around person until dropped. Unknown

Lightning, Lightning Bolt, (former) Forest by The Chipmunks' school in the '80's Universe. (Current) With James Seville. Shocks person. Brittany Seville

Ice, Snowflake, Unknown, Freezes anyone who grabs it, Unknown

Earth, Boulder, Unknown, Turns person who holds it to stone. Unknown

Light, Sun with Rays. Unknown, Blinds anyone who has it for at least an hour. Unknown

Darkness, Black Hole, Unknown, Possesses the person with Darkness and makes the person go on a rampage. Unknown.

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