Emily Marie Salle is actually Brittany's soft side .In horrible wrong, Brittany decided to mess with Simon and Jeanette's experiment that brings out one's happy side. Of course, the experiment went 'horribly wrong' and created Emily. From then on, Brittany was never nice again.

Emily has an Australian accent, but has no memories of ever being there. Though everyone loves being around her, she just wants to be normal, not popular. Unlike Brittany, she can't dance, but can sing very well.

Appearance Edit

She has green eyes, just like Jeanette. Her top is a green tank top with a purple ruffle on top, and wears a purple skirt with a blue belt. Her shoes are purple with bows near the heel. She has long hair and always wears a purple, strange-looking headband, that will cause her to turn to dust if taken off.

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