Emperor Sandy (voiced by James Arnold Taylor in his male body and Chantal Strand in his female body) is a minor villain/male antagonist that appears in Cruel Siu Mei: Japanese American Devils. In Alvin and the Chipmunks film series, he is known as King Sandy. Most importantly, King Sandy is the husband of Mushi Sanban, through an unexplained relationship with Kuki Sanban. Going into the haunted mansion that is located in 35th Jasmine Street, King Sandy begins toying with some of the equipment lying around, eventually climbing up onto the second floor that leads to the haunted attic. Finding a rope, King Sandy begins swinging from it for fun, catching the attention of and annoying his wife Mushi Sanban (voiced by Tara Strong), who demands King Sandy to come down. Unseen by Mushi, King Sandy was ultimately grabbed, ambushed, and attacked by Augustus Miyamura (voiced by Willem Dafoe) from behind, where Augustus impales him to a wooden door through a throat with a Chinese spear. Shortly before Augustus can kills her too, Mushi finds King Sandy's lifeless corpse; as Mushi is staring in horror at her husband's lifeless corpse, Mushi is ultimately attacked, ambushed, and killed by Augustus in the cold blood, who impales her with another Chinese spear. After killing Mushi in the cold blood, Augustus rolls her lifeless corpse onto the bottom floor of the mansion and later hangs her upside-down from a yellow frangipani tree. Mushi Sanban's lifeless corpse, presumably still suspended from a yellow frangipani tree, is later found and moved by the authorities until Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor revealed themselves.

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