Ian Hawke: I got fired as a cook I really wanted a job sure I torture the Chipmunks and Chipettes but I gotta prove them I have a job wheather they like it or not!

Ian the 2nd: There is a job to be a movie actor.

Ian Hawke: Omg why did no one tell me I need that job now!

Movie Boss: Fine you're hired!

Ian Hawke: Yes! But I'm gonna need more people!

So he bring in the Chipmunks, Chipettes, Dave, Ryan, Claire, Miss Miller, the hillbillies, Great Grandpa Keith, Juilie, Spotty, Toby and Jackie, Ian the 2nd, Camping Scout Leader, The Mayor, Manny/Boss Man, Newton and Gigi, Biggest fans/classmates/friends and Claire's Friends.

Ian: I brought you all here because to make a movie!

Movie Boss: We'll be making the History of Mysteries Movie 21 here's the roles you'll be playing as and your lines be ready in a few weeks.

Ian Hawke: I'm playing as Mr History, Chipmunks and Chipettes you guys are playing as his children, Julie you are playing as Mrs History, Dave will be playing as the doctor, Great Grandpa Keith will be playing as his arch enemy Mr Mystery, Toby and Jackie will be playing as Mr Mystery's henchman, Miss Miller will be playing as the grandma, Camping Scout Leader will be playing as the detective, Claire will be playing as Mr Mystery's twin sister, Manny/ Boss Man is playing as the janitor, The Mayor the mayor, Biggest fans/classmates/friends the villagers, Newton and Gigi will be playing the police, and Claire's friends will be playing as the mysterious women.

Movie Boss: What scene you want?

Ian Hawke: Make it 1970s style.

Movie Boss: How would you want it to end?

Ian Hawke: With the ending saying to be continued.

So after it was made.

Movie Boss: Good job I guess.

Ian Hawke: I'll be a millionaire!

Alvin: It's probably for the best anyways.

Simon: Eh fair enough

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