The next morning at the store.

Dave is getting groceries.

Dave: What are you doing?

Clerk: The biggest fans/classmates/friends and the rest of the crowd loves the Chipmunk and Chipettes stage that I decide to sell some Chipmunks and Chipettes stuff.

Commercial: They're new they're your favorite Chipmunks and Chipettes they come in their very own ceral, plushies, backpacks, lunch boxes, silverware (in their signature colors), music DVDs, Halloween Costumes, Party dectoratoons and more!

Alvin: What the heck?!

Simon: We are famous but not that famous.

Theodore: What is that all about?

Brittany: Well we do sing and dance.

Jeanette: I guess so.

Eleanor: I agree.

When they started walking around town.

One guy dressed as Alvin: Hello people I'm Alvin!

One guy dressed as Simon: I'm Simon!

One guy dressed as Theodore: And I'm Theodore!

All three: And we're the Chipmunks!

One girl dressed as Brittany: Hi everyone I'm Brittany!

One girl dressed as Jeanette: I'm Jeanette!

One girl dressed as Eleanor: And I'm Eleanor!

And we are the Chipettes!

All 6: Weird.

Alvin: We should see who's doing this.

When they went to Universe Empire.

King of Universe land: My Chipmunks and Chipettes.

Chipmunks and Chipettes: Your highness, why you let the clerk sell Chipmunk and Chipette stuff?!

King of Universe land: Glad you ask, I did that because I'm your biggest fan! (Rips shirt off revealing two tattoos of Alvin Ned the Chipmunks and Brittany and the Chipettes.

Queen of Universe land: Same here!

Prince and Princess of Universe land (King and queen's son and daughter): Us as well!

President of Universe land: And me!

Alvin: Well that figures.

Brittany: You did realize you could've just get our autographs and meet us in person like what you guys are doing right now!

King of Universe land: Oh sorry.

Simon: Apology accepted you can do that but don't go overboard ok.

All: Ok.

Eleanor: Well let's go home guys.

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