The the next day.

Dave: Guys the family is going to have a family reunion get ready!

When their getting ready...

Alvin is wearing a red short sleeve shirt with yellow highlights with a yellow A and a red propeller beanie with a yellow A, Simon is wearing a blue tuxedo and fancy blue glasses, Theodore is wearing a green 1980s jacket, Brittany is wearing her Squeakquel outfit, Jeanette is wearing a light blue shirt, dark blue jacket and a purple skirt and Eleanor is wearing a teal sundress, dark green jacket and lime pigtail bows.

Dave: Ok here they come get ready to meet them guys and this is the Chipettes's first family reunion with the Senville family so be on your best behavior.

Grandpa Keith: Hello Dave and there's my great grandsons and granddaughters and my favorite one (chasing Alvin which causes him to scream) cmon Alvie and give me a hug (catches Alvin and hugs him too tight).

Alvin: Your choking me can't breathe (His hat falls off)!

Dave: Glad you can make it Gramps.

Then Toby and Jackie Senville came into the picnic where the reunion begins.

Toby Senville: (Starts hugging Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes) It's been a while hasn't it?

Jackie: (Poking Eleanor) Sweet! Alvin and the chipmunks got female versions of themselves, wish I had that!

Eleanor: Hey! Stop that!

Simon: Actually their our female counterparts not female versions!

Then others relatives from other states and countries come into the picnic with the Senvilles.

Then they started eating.

Alvin: Hate to say this but this is embarrassing.

Theodore: Cmon Alvin can't be that bad!

Brittany: Look what Toby did to my clothes and hair!

After lunch.

Dave: (On megaphone) Before I make dessert how about fun and games?

During the Egg and Spoon race.

One relative accidentally drop his egg and it landed on Brittany.

Brittany: MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!

At the three legged race.

Another relative accidentally hit a mud puddle and it landed on Alvin which causes him to wear white clothes.

During the pie eating contest.

Theodore and Eleanor: We win first place!

During a game of Go Fish!

Two relatives looked at Simon's and Jeanette's cards.

Simon: Hey don't look at my cards!

Jeanette: Simon's right that's cheating.

Dave: Dessert is serve!

It was ice cream sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes, barbecue chips and banana cream pie.

After dessert everyone went home at night.

Alvin: But to admit it was kinda fun.

Brittany: Well I guess so.

Theodore: Next time it'll be different!

All: Yeah!

Dave: Guys lights out I need to sleep goodnight.

All: Goodnight Dave.

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