The next mornin.

Alvin: I got this stupid headache!

Theodore: Hey Alvin want to watch the new History of Mysteries movie 22 with us?

Alvin: Maybe tommorrow I got a headache.

Theodore: Ok then (left the room).

That night.

Dave, Simon, Theodore, The Chipettes and other adults are partying.

Dave: Partying is so much fun we should do this every weekend!

Manny/ Bossman: And you got promoted for throwing this party!

Adult #1: This is awesome!

Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes are singing Party Munk.

Simon and Theodore: (Substituting Alvin) Party Munk is in the house tonight we want to see you.

Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: Shake that!

Biggest fans/classmates/friends started dancing.

Dave: Hey Claire want punch?

Claire Wilson: Ok sure!

Dave: It's missing something (Turns the volume too high).

Then the song sounded like whales in a bad mood.

Alvin: (Woked up and started screaming) DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck I was trying to heal from this headache and you made it worst that's it everyone go home!, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor go to bed and Dave you're grounded for two weeks!

Brittany: Since when did Alvin become a party pooper?

Simon: Cmon Alvin we just want to have fun!

Dave: Sometimes I drive him crazy.

Jeanette: How about we don't throw parties while someone has a headache.

Eleanor: Eh that's fair.

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