The next day during the weekend.

Alvin: (Saws picture of him and Brittany he draw during kindergarten) Guys I found the stuff we had during kindergarten I was a terrible drawer back there and my old propeller beanie.

Simon: And these are the blue round glasses I used to have.

Theodore: My old green jacket where have it been all these years.

Brittany: (Walked in) Isn't that the macaroni art I made I remember this!

Jeanette: My old dictionary!

Eleanor: My old pigtail bows.

Alvin: Let's think like it was yesterday.


Little version of the Chipmunks Alvin was wearing a red shirt with a yellow lowercase A and a propeller beanie, Simon was wearing a blue shirt and blue glasses and Theodore was wearing a green shirt and jacket.

Little Alvin: 3 new students are coming to our classroom today!

Little Simon: Can't wait to meet them.

Little Theodore: Can't wait to meet them!

Kindergarten Teacher: Ready to meet the new students class well here they are!

Little versions of the Chipettes came into the classroom Brittany was wearing a light pink shirt with a black lowercase B and a dark pink skirt (that often reveals her butt), Jeanette was wearing a light blue shirt and a purple skirt (that often reveals her butt) and Eleanor is wearing a teal dress (that often reveals her butt) and aqua green pigtail bows.

Kindergartener #1: Since when the Chipmunks got female version of themselves?

Kindergarten teacher: Your seats are with the Chipmunks over there.

After school.

Little Alvin: I call dibs on the pink one!

Little Simon: The purple one is all mine.

Little Theodore: The teal one looks cute.

Little Brittany: I kinda like the one in red.

Little Jeanette: The blue one is so dreamy

Little Eleanor: I want the green one.

(End flashback)

All: Good memories

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