At school the next morning.

Alvin is walking to his locker to put his backpack in his locker and took his supplies out.

Brittany: Hey Alvin!

Alvin: What do you want Alvin Hater?

Brittany: I just want to say sorry for yesterday.

Alvin: Too late for sorries!

Brittany: I'm sorry, I'm double sorry, I'm triple sorry!

Alvin: Too late for double and triple sorries now shut up and leave me alone!

Alvin walks to class.

Brittany: (Saws a poster that saids dating game coming on Friday!) That poster gives me an idea!

That Friday night....

Host: Welcome to the show called Love Matching Game where the person finds their perfect match contestant #1 she's have a aggressive personality and never cared for anyone or anything Flora come on out!

Flora: Let's get this stupid show over with!

Host: Now contestant #2 she is like everyone in the whole universe's BFF can get a little clingy and makes great chocolate cupcakes Chloe come on out!

Chloe: Hey everyone!

Host: Finally cotestant #3 A Chipette in pink that's from the girl version of Alvin and the Chipmunks is a great singer and very pretty Brittany come on out here!

Brittany: (In her head) I gotta win Alvin's love again!

Host: Meet our love host he's that Chipmunk in red that everyone loves Alvin come on out here!

Alvin: Hey contestants (grumbles at Brittany) hello Alvin Hater!

Host: That's kinda awkward and the audience the biggest fans/classmates/friends!

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Making a bet to each other). (Pac Man): I'll bet you for ten bucks if Alvin loves Brittany again! (All): Fine but if you lose the bet you give us the ten bucks!

Host: Just answer 5 questions and then then Alvin you can choose the girl you want!

Alvin: First question what's my favorite color Contestant #1?

Flora: Your favorite color is death!

Alvin: Not a color, Contestant #2?

Chloe: Rainbow colored? like when showing that everyone is different.

Alvin: Pretty but not quite Alvin Hater/Contestant #3?

Brittany: Red obviously because your wearing a red hoodie and red is your signature color.

Alvin: 2nd question tell me what exciting things you do?

Flora: I knock my enemies to the ground during gym class at wrestling!

Alvin: Contestant #2?

Chloe: I done skiing down and I done a triple flip!

Alvin: Ms I Hate Alvin/Contestant #3?

Brittany: Actually there is something exciting you save me, Jeanette and Eleanor from Ian!

Alvin: Next question what are you forced to do?

Flora: I forced someone to give up their lunch money by threatening!

Alvin: What about you Chloe?

Chloe: Actually I wasn't forced to do anything.

Alvin: (Grumbling) Brittany?

Brittany: Some man named Ian Hawke forced me, Jeanette and Eleanor to shake our butts while singing Hot N Cold and Single Ladies when we don't want to (Actually in Whip my tail we just feel like shaking our butts) and made me separate from my sisters because I was the lead singer!

Alvin: 4th one what's your deepest darkest secret?

Flora: (Crying) I cuddle with stuffed animals, lose to a newborn baby in wrestling and I couldn't lift up light objects and I wear baby pink!

Chloe: I snuck into my mom's purse to borrow money if she's watching this tell her I'm sorry!!!!!

Brittany: Mine is when I had to wear every shade of green from Theodore and Eleanor for my punishment for beating Alvin up!

Alvin: Last question do you had anything to say?

Flora: (Stopped crying) Nothing I had nothing at all!

Chloe: I just want to say hi to my fellow friends!

Brittany: I just want to say, I'm sorry Alvin I didn't really hate you but you treated me like a slave! Sure we're rivals but we still loved each other the reason why I hate him because you never treat me like you did to the other girls instead you treated me like the other way around I though maybe we change our relationship we'll be sort of less rivals too each other and I kept being annoyed when you talk and I'm sorry it won't happened again well.... Unless it happens tomorrow.

Host: So who's it be Alvin.

Alvin then finally accepted Brittany's apology.

Alvin: I choose Brittany because she knows who I am!

Brittany: I love you Alvie!

Alvin: Love you too Britt!

They were about to kiss but then the host pops out in the middle.

Host: And that's it for the day folks see you all in our next show!

At the movies.

Theodore and Eleanor are eating cheddar popcorn, fries, chips, cheesballs and chocolate.

Simon is watching in the movie cuddling close together and Jeanette is using him as a pillow which makes him smile.

Alvin shared popcorn with Brittany then sleep next to each other.

Alvin: (Being used as a pillow by Brittany, smiled then whispered) Our love is much stronger then anything in this world well..... sort of.

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