That night during the song: Uptown Munk.

Alvin,Brittany, Alvin 2: Don't believe me just watch!

Simon, Jeanette, Little Simon: Don't believe me just watch!

Theodore, Eleanor, Theodore Jr: Don't believe me just watch!

Chip: Come On!

(Everyone cheered)

Theodore and Jeanette are a little upset.

Theodore: I'm tired of being the third Chipmunk.

Jeanette: Same I getting tired of being the third Chipette we always get least attention.

Both: Let's get more attention!

Theodore and Jeanette: (Singing) We're the green and purple Chipmunk and Chipette! We can sing and more! Who says we get least attention!

Everyone got confused and cheered.

Brittany: You two what is going on!

Theodore: Not getting attention!

Jeanette: You know what we mean Alvin, Simon and Theodore are never in a green, blue, red pattern and we're in a pink, teal, purple pattern.

Alvin: You two should've told us!

Simon: We know that sometimes being the third is no fun.

Eleanor: From now on thpings will be different from now on we'll all take turns being the lead singer and be in the middle.

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