Everyone is at the tower with torches and giant forks yelling and hitting the door open with a log.

Unknown Person: Finally my creation! (evil laughing).

The door finally open and everyone run up the stairs.

Alvin: We got you now who ever you are.

Everyone got tired because there's so many stairs.

Theodore: Must not give up.

Everyone made it.

Alvin: Now we got you!

The biggest fans/classmates/friends tackled the kidnapper then Simon and Jeanette tied the kidnapper up.

Brittany: Now what?

Destiny: I dunno, I guess reveal the true identity?

They unmasked the kidnapper and it's Julie Ortega.

Simon: It's our teacher all a long?!

Julie Ortega: Yeah I know Mr Lonely for a long time .

Mr Lonely: You guys finally realise that and it took that long to realise me?

Julie: Yeah I was dressed as a Mad Scientist and Mr Lonely is dressed as Franklin Stein.

Chip: You got us real good.

Valentina: What are we waiting for amigos let's party!

Zabel: Hey robot my darling be a dear and play us that song.

Robot: Ok.

Everyone is dancing to the Halloween Munk.

The next morning.

Brittany is in her sparkling pink dress from Chipwrecked, Jeanette in her Chipwrecked (purple and white shirt, purple belt and dark blue skirt) outfit and Eleanor in her Squeakquel outfit (Dark teal sweater and light teal dress) (onwards).

Dave: Here's the hospital bill I owe myself cmon guys we're having breakfast then we're going to the park.

Alvin: We should do this next year!

All: We agree.

Simon: The night was fun actually.

Detective: What am I going to my boss about this?

Theodore: Just tell him you went on a Halloween Mystery and it was an intresting story.

Detective: Well.... Ok.

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