Halloween is here and the Senvilles are getting ready for Halloween.

Dave is dropping Chip and Zabel at a civilized tea party, Valentina at English Class, Alvin 2, Little Simon, Theodore Jr and Edward at daycare and the Chipmunks, Chipettes and Destiny at school.

Dave: Have fun guys.

When everyone went out for lunch.

Julie Ortega: Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor can you guys stay here for a moment, I saw you guys handing invitations for a Halloween Party so I wanna come.

Alvin: What are you coming as?

Julie: Can't tell you guys it's a surprise, for now head out to lunch.

During Lunch.

Simon is inviting te biggest fans/classmates/friends.

Simon: Hey do any of you wanna come to the Halloween party?, it'll be fun!

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Rigby): Are you kidding we love parties, (Frisk): -_-, (Ice Bear): Ice Bear likes parties.

After inviting the entire school, everyone went to the mall.

Dave: I'll drop you guys off at the mall because I have Exercise Class in 50 minutes.

Jeanette: Got your watches set to 2:30?

All: Yes.

Simon: We'll meet at the food court at 6:00 which will be our be our meeting point.

So after the mall.

Alvin was dressed as a football player, Simon is dressed as a mad scientist, Theodore was dressed as a superhero, Brittany was dressed in her sparkling pink dress from Chipwrecked, Jeanette was dressed as a witch, Eleanor dressed as a fairy, Alvin 2 dressed as Dracula, Little Simon as a ghost and Theodore Jr as a beach ball, Chip was dressed as a British man, Zabel dressed as a movie star, Valentina is dressed as a Day Of The Dead Spanish Lady, Destiny is dressed as a vampire, Edward is dressed as a nurse and Dave is dressed as the Easter Bunny.

Alvin: And here they are (opens the door for the biggest fans/classmates/friends, Chip and Zabel's guest, Alvin Jr and the JuniorMunks friends, Edward's friend and Destiny's friends) come on in and party!

Everyone is doing a new dance called the Halloween Munk, win some games and then watch a History Of Mysteries Movie 22 Halloween edition DVD.

The CNN news pop on.

Alvin: Aw come on!

News Reporter: Breaking news this man on a small island next door to Universe Land is missing!

Theodore paused the tv.

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: All: Gasp! (Zosky): Oh don't worry guys we all actually don't know him. (Cosmo): Wait is that Mr Lonely we all forgot about him for a long time! (Pepe The Frog): Oh that guy. (Ice Cube): Wow!

British Guy: How inappropriate.

Theodore un paused the tv.

News Reoprter: If you see this man call the mayor (Mr Lonely's phone number).

Brittany: Who's Mr Lonely?

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: All: You guys don't know who Mr Lonely is! (Yonder): Well it all started he was a teenager until we kept forgetting his name then he moved to that island and grew old and we all forgot about him. (Stick Figure): Yeah he kept reminding us what his name is until he got mad and left.

Dave fainted and got send to the hospital.

Alvin: We got to get him back who's with me?!

All: We all are!

Simon: Ok here's the plan we need to look up where he's at, if there's guards some of you create a distraction then we will get the clues down.

Detective: Did any of you said clues well here I am the Universe Land Detective at your service.

On the Chipmunks' and Chipettes' computer.

Detective: He got send to an abandoned tower outside of Universe Land I didn't collect any evidince but I got one thing caught on the security cameras and I notice that someone in a clown costume grab him and take him there.

Simon: We need to get to the abandoned tower.

To be Continued

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