So everyone got out of the hotel and get into Detective's car.

Alvin: Why is there a robot in the driver's seat?

Detective: I'm too lazy to drive driving robot take us to the abandoned tower.

Driving Robot: Ok.

Several minutes later.

Theodore: We've been here for hours and the car is going so slow!

Detective: I forgot the GPS I left it at home this morning oh well the car couldn't fit all of us anyways. The giant city bus is coming.

Everyone aboard the two giant city buses and threw the bus drivers out and made the buses even bigger to fit them all.

Bus Drivers: Hey give me back my bus!

Then half of the biggest fans/classmates/friends including the Chipmunks and the Chipettes ride in one bus and the others ride in the other bus.

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Squiddly) How much longer? (Chef Hatchet): Yeah. (Chara): If we're not there yet I'll kill you all!

Detective: It's not going to be long put on seatbelts it's going to get bumpy.

At the hospital.

Doctor: Hey aren't you awake yet? Seriously man I want to go home?

Dave: What happened?

Doctor: You fainted so your here plus you'll be here overnight and tomorrow night.

Dave fall back to sleep.

Then it got all stormy outside.

Theodore: I'm scared of this storm!

Eleanor: Don't worry Theodore the storm will last for awhile.

Simon: Maybe we should've watched the news about the weather before this happens.

Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr: Uh guys there's a fork in the road!

There was literally a fork in the road that nobody notice and then pop the tires the buses spun around and crashed.

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Hamtaro): We're lucky we survived the bus crash. (Chica): Here's the problem (pulls the forks out the tires)

British Man and Southern Belle: It's so cold out here!

Detective: Guys we can't give up yet but we just to go to the tower on foot.

Three hours later everyone got tired while singing the Road Song.

Alvin: Can we take a break now my feet are getting tired.

Detective: Fine but only for a half hour.

Everyone shared candy from their Halloween bags.

Simon: I got a bunch of rocks.

Starts the fire.

Jeanette: Wait we made fire shouldn't be putting out by the rain?

Simon: I have it a little something to make it waterproof and only get put out by dirt.

Jeanette: Very impressive.

Simon blushed.

Alvin: Let's tell each other scary stories!

To be continued

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