Alvin: Who has a story to tell cmon don't be shy.

Detective: I'll go first flashlight and unfitting music please.

Robot shines a flashlight on him and played old music.

Detective: Once before you Chipmunks and Chipettes and biggest fans/classmates/friends moved here Universe Land was a peaceful city where everyone lived including Mr Lonely his real name is.......Louis he once lived a happy life until.....

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: All: Until what?

Detective: Puppets please.

The robot handed him the puppets.

Detective: He graduated college at age 14 then his teacher forgotten his name for the 117th time then he grew up into an adult in his early 20s then one man (his best friend) said hi then forget his name.

Theodore, Eleanor, Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr: Then what happen?

Detective: He keep saying: For the last time my name is Louis he broke up with his girlfriend because she also keeps forgetting his name.

Alvin: When is the part he left?

Simon: The story is interesting.

Brittany: So far so good.

Jeanette: What's next?

Detective: Until he said: That's it I'm leaving this place you all forget my name all the time since I was a baby. Then he right this note I found that said: Goodbye forever, he packed up all his stuff he lied to everyone when he run away no one read the note and no one heard from him since and that's how we forgot all about him until now.

Zabel: Darlings how long everyone forget about him for?

Valentina: Yeah.

Detective: (Takes out a calculator) Let's see (crunching the numbers) thirty years.

Chip: You all forget about him for thirty years that's inappropriate and kinda dumb.

Alvin: Let's just go to the tower break's over.

Everyone fixed the buses and drove off

Too be continued

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