The next day...

Brittany: Welcome to our Thanksgiving party where we eat as a family in Universe Land.

Zabel: That's right darlings we in Universe Land we are a HUGE family here.

Alvin: Now let's show the other people around the world on how we celebrate it.

(Removes the lens cap)

Alvin: Jeanette you forgot to remove the lens cap now we have to start all over again!

Jeanette: Sorry.

Alvin: Anyways Simon, Theodore,Eleanor, Chip, Valentina, Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr are helping Dave with our Thanksgiving meal.

Simon: Thank you Alvin we've been here for a couple of days and we made such good friends even our fans love us.

Theodore and Eleanor: We're the best cooks ever.

Valentina: How did we celebrate Thanksgiving here amigos well that's a good answer.

Chip: Every year during holidays we act as a family.

Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr: It makes us bigger.

Ian Hawke: Me and my boy became like and uncle and cousin to them.

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Yogi): We're like brothers and sisters like these guys would've wanted. (Sara, Kara and Lara): Even snooty people like us we like those guys. (Pencil): I agree even my alliance knows that.

Claire Wilson: I'm kinda like a mom to them.

Julie Ortega: And as me an aunt.

All: Yeah.

(They heard Dave crying in his room).

Simon: Dave what's wrong.

Dave: I missed my mom!

All: WHY?!

Dave: My dad and mom got a divorce because they kept fighting eachother.

All: Ohhhhh.

Detective: This looks like a job for me.

To be continued

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