Dave decided to give up and got himself a job

Dave: It's probably for the best but there's always a job in the neighborhood.

First he went to work at the hospital.

Nurse: You're fired because you did the surgery wrong.

Then he went to work at the school.

Principal: Your fired for giving everyone too much homework!

Then he worked at the Vet.

Vet Doctor: Your fired for thinking the female seahorse is pregnant.

At the Restaurant.

Sammy the Restaurant owner the 5th: Sorry Dave but you're fired for making the food burnt, undercooking food and not give the kids their toys.

He went to work at the courtroom/jail.

Lawyer: You're fired for proving that guy guilty instead of innocent.

That's until.

A boss man: Hey you aren't you the guy who's the manager of Alvin and the chipmunks and Brittany and the chipettes.

Dave: Uh yes why?

Boss Man: You are going to work with me! So I'll show you around the Office you must invite me to dinner with you chipmunk kids all the time and tell them I'll be their new uncle Boss Man!

Dave: Sure I guess though my kids aren't going to be comfortable with you at the table.

Boss Man and Dave went to the Office to tour around.

Bossman: Hey guys this Dave he's our new worker.

Bossman: Your hired Dave!


That night:

The Chipmunks started putting on their tuxedo shirts.

Alvin: (Putting on his red tuxedo shirt and red top hat with a yellow A on it ) I don't mind if someone comes to dinner but this guy NO!

Simon: (Putting on his blue tuxedo shirt) Yeah I know he does that awkward smile while we're eating and he has no table manners so creepy!

Theodore: (Putting on his green tuxedo shirt) This is dinner torture!

The Chipettes started putting on their dresses.

Brittany: (Putting on her pink party dress (that oftens reveals her butt) and light pink jacket with a black B) Why is that guy in a boss suit coming to dinner?

Jeanette: (Putting on her purple party dress (that oftens reveals her butt)) I dunno but I think it's exciting.

Eleanor: (Putting on her teal party dress (that oftens reveals her butt)) It's going to be so fun!

But this what happen at dinner.

Dave: Boss man I like to introduce you these are my sons, The one in red on the left is Alvin, the one in blue in the middle is Simon, and the green one on the right is Theodore, And these are my sort of daughters, The one in pink on the right is Brittany, the one in purple in the middle is Jeanette and the one in teal on the left is Eleanor.

Boss Man: (Smiling awkwardly) hi nice to meet you guys! (Rips his shirt off showing two tattos one is a Alvin and the chipmunks tattoo and the other is a Brittany and the chipettes tattoo) I always want to meet you guys in person!

All: Uhhhhhh hi.

Dave: Their a bit shy to meet you tell us about yourself.

Boss Man: Ok but your kids should meet MY son and daughter to yours.

Dave: Ok and maybe have them over for a play date with the Chipmunks and Chipettes.

The Boss Man takes out a chipmunk in a yellow hoodie who's taller than Simon and older than Alvin and a chipette who's taller than Jeanette and older than Brittany (the yellow chipmunk's female counterpart and girlfriend) in a orange striped dress out of his bag.

Boss Man:This yellow chipmunk is named Newton and the orange one is names Gigi meet the Chipmunks and Chipettes.

Newton: Dad! I though you said we're the only chipmunk and chipette in this neighborhood!

Gigi: Yeah! why Daddy you lied to me and Newton!

Alvin: Hey I was wondering the same thing!

The other 5 chipmunks: Yeah!

Dave: Something tells me they don't like each other after all I though we'll use them as the fourth Chipmunk and Chipette.

Gigi: (Arguing with Brittany) At least I get along well with my male counterpart!

Brittany: (Arguing with Gigi) At least I much prettier and have two Sisters.

Simon: (singing a song about Newton and Gigi) Chipmunks, Chipettes and fans go to collage to get more knowedge Newton and Gigi goes to Jupiter to get more stupider!

Theodore and Eleanor: (teamed up so they can try beat up Newton but failed) Take this and that and some if these, Want a piece of me!


Boss Man: Don't worry we'll give them time to get along together!

See part 3 coming soon!

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