Alvin: (Complaining) I can't believe it these two almost got us in trouble for fighting!

Brittany: I agree Gigi almost got my favorite party dress dirty by throwing food at me!

Simon: I heard there's going to be two new students!

When they made it to school.....

Juilie Ortega: Sorry I'm late guys traffic storm I'm Ms Ortega I'm saying that because we have two new students come in you two!

Newton and Gigi come into the classroom.

Juilie Ortega: Chipmunks, Chipettes you know Newton and Gigi right?

Everyone except the 6 (Chipmunks and Chipettes): (shyly) Hi Newton hi Gigi.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore: (moaning angerliy) Hi Newton!

Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: (moaning angerliy as well) Hi Gigi!

Newton: Hi boys and girls I'm Newton (moans angerliy at the Chipmunks) hi Alvin, Simon and Theodore!

Gigi: Hello people in the whole universe (also moans angerliy at the Chipettes) hi Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor!

Juilie Ortega: Um ok everyone take out your pencils it's time for you're math test.

After the test.

Juilie Ortega: Simon, Jeanette A pluses as always, Alvin and Eleanor not bad, Brittany and Theodore nice job you guys do a great job on your test class dismiss oh and you 8 we need to have a talk for a minute about your rivalry together.

The class dismiss.

Juilie Ortega: Having a rivalry you guys I don't mind but in the class no, explain how it all started.

Alvin: Dave's boss man showed them to us I though we're the only three Chipmunks and three Chipettes.

Newton: Then we started fighting each other.

Juilie Ortega: I see you guys can have a rivalry but not in front in the class just telling you guys ok?

All (Even Alvin): Yes ma'a.

Alvin and Newton: (At the same time) But if any of them mess with us it's going to be a fight after school.

Juilie Orteg: Fine but not in front of the school because the principal loves fights sometimes and sometimes i mean often. And yes he's the worst principal ever he never gives students detentions!

After school.

All 6 : (Grumpy) Stupid Newton and Gigi!

Newton and Gigi: Stupid Chipmunks, stupid Chipettes!

Back at Dave's Office.

Boss Man: Nice job Dave oh i almost forgot to introduce myself I'm Manny but I liked being called Boss Man.

Dave: I don't mind but thanks.

Manny/Boss Man: Can you drive me to the restaurant and order something from it for you me and the 4 Chipmunks and the 4 Chipettes I'm giving you a break after that hard work and it's time to go home.

Dave: Ok but you're helping me pay.

Manny/ Boss Man: Fine.

After Dinner.

Dave: Goodnight guys and tomorrow is Saturday and I'm think we'll go on a road trip.

All: Yeah! Awesome! Yay!

Dave: But you must all be on you're best behavior and be NICER to Newton and Gigi because last time you guys fight with them promise.

All (Even Alvin): (Pretending) We promise.

Dave: Good (He left the room)

All (Even Alvin): (Whispering) Not!

Be tuned for next time on episode 2

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