Dave starts cooking breakfast.

Dave: (Talking to Manny/Boss Man) Luckily workers and I don't have to work on weekends I thought we'll go to the Indoor Waterpark it even has hotel rooms. Guys time for breakfast!

Dave gave the Chipmunks and Chipettes scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh berries small donuts and pieces of toast smothered in butter and jam there's a smiley face one for Alvin.

After breakfast.

Dave: Get in the car it's time for the road trip!

Alvin: Are we there yet?

Brittany: Where we going?

Dave: Not yet and it's a surprise for you guys.

Theodore and Eleanor: We like surprises!

Simon: It's going to be fastinating!

Jeanette: And going to be fun!

Dave: And here we are an indoor Waterpark and a hotel room now who wants lunch before getting I the water?

Everyone shrug.

After lunch.

Alvin has on red swim trunks with a yellow A on the left and a red bathing cap with also has a yellow A, Simon has on blue swin trunks and black goggles, Theodore has on green swim trunks, Brittany has on a pink swimsuit which comes with a light pink skirt (which often reveals her butt) and a black cursive B, Jeanette has on a purple swimsuit which also comes with a light blue skirt (which reveals her butt) and dark purple googles and Eleanor has on a teal swim suit which also comes with a light green skirt (which often reveals her butt) and waterproof spring green pigtail bows.

Alvin: On the bright side Newton and Gigi aren't here.

Newton: Think again Alvie!

Newton came in with yellow trunks and Gigi comes in with an orange swim suit which comes with a beige skirt (which often reveals her butt).

Theodore: Oh great their back.

Gigi: That is right Greenie now listen up we're going on the waterslide first!

Jeanette: No we are going on the waterslide first!

Alvin: Race you two first team there gets on the waterside first!

The 8 Chipmunks start running on all fours until they reach to the waterslide and it's a tie.

All 8: Rematch!

This time they each Arm Wrestle and yes it was a tie.

All 8: Rematch again!

This time it was rock, paper, scissors and they took turns and it was another tie.

Alvin: (Screaming) That's it no more rematches!

Theodore: But we still need a tie breaker!

Brittany: Look there's our biggest fans/classmates/friends hey guys vote for the Chipmunks and Chipettes or Newton and Gigi just pick one.

Few hours later it was another tie.

Alvin: For goodness sake guys you all voted but it's 50/50!

Newton: There's only one way to settle this.

Alvin and Newton: Water Gun Fight!

Alvin: My team is Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor!

Newton: Understood but I need more people.

Ian Hawke: A Water Gun fight I haven't played in years dibs on Newton and Gigi's team!

Ian Jr: Same here!

Ryan Edwards: Water Gun fight against the Chipmunks and Chipettes count me in!

The Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Gumball): I guess we're the watchers, (Steven) I'll be referee!

Alvin: Fine!

Then the clock struck 12:00.

Alvin and Newton: High Noon!

The teams take out the water pistols and start squirting each other.

Gigi: Take that Britt!

Eleanor: (Squirts Gigi) That's for squirting at my sister!

Alvin: (Squirts Ryan) Take that!

It's been three hours and no one gave up.

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Patrick) Give it up guys it's been three hours and thirty minutes still no one gave up!

Alvin: Stay out of this.

Brittany: Besides there will be a winner!

They kept squirting until Dave got mad.

Dave: (screaming) GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck is going on!?

Alvin: We are fighting to see who will get to go first on the waterslide!

All: We are!

Dave: Well no more of that that's stupid that's it everyone's grounded for a week when I call their parents as for Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor you guys are also grounded for a week as for Newton and Gigi I'm calling your dad (Takes out IPhone) Manny/ Boss Man your son and daughter have another fight with the chipmunks come and pick them up and ground them please ok bye.

The next morning they went home.

Dave: You guys still get video games, desserts and computer but no TV for a week (closed the door).

Brittany: No one won but at least we got a fair punishment.

Simon: But this is only the beginning of this fight we win against them someday. Who's with me?

All: We are!

Simon: Great let's never give up this fight!

Manny/Boss Man: You two are grounded for two weeks go to your rooms and think about what you two did.

Gigi: At least we'll get our revenge on them.

Newton: That's right they will regret this for the rest of their lives!

Stay toon for episode 3

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