The next morning.

Eleanor is sleeping on her bed.

Brittany and Jeanette: Wake up Eleanor it's you're special day!

Eleanor: What is my special day?

Alvin: (Came in with teal balloons) You know what we mean!

Simon: (Came in in with a red party blower, a blue party blower, a green party blower, a pink party blower, a purple party blower and a teal party blower) It's your birthday!

Theodore: (Came in with 6 party hats matching the party blowers and a cake covered in frosting matching their signature colors) It's going to be fun!

Eleanor: (Embarrassed) Guys.

Brittany: Sorry Ellie.

Jeanette: We just can't believe our little sister is growing up a quickly seems like yesterday you we're a baby and now your birthday is today!

Eleanor: Thanks guys.

Alvin: We just make it the most fun you ever have and it's time for all of us to grow up.

Simon: But not too much.

Eleanor: I'll go to the mall to hang out.

Brittany: Ok be back before dark.

Eleanor went outside until she reached the mall.

Alvin: (Hears the IPhone ring) It's from Dave (Picks it up) Hey Dave.

Dave: I'll make it to Eleanor's birthday but I have a night shift yesterday and need to go to bed early ok guys bye.

Simon: We have plenty of time to set up the party!

At the mall....

Eleanor is at the clothes shop.

Eleanor: I dunno which one I like best teal thread or teal fabric.

Gigi: Or this color looks better on you! (squirts her dress greenish brown paint).

Newton: Or this color! (squirts her dress greenish gray paint).

Eleanor: Hey stop that! Now I have to get them washed! (She ran on all fours until she reaches to the washing place).

Clerk: We'll have your clothes clean in a few hours in the meantime you should wear this (Give Eleanor a chipmunk sized dark green bathrobe) it'll do for now.

Newton and Gigi Hi-five.

Brittany: The balloons and decorations are ready!

Theodore: So is the cake, party hats and party blowers.

Simon: Great! we're ready for the party!

Jeanette: Not quite (came in with green flowers, presents in green and teal wrapping) and she'll like this! (Showed them a teal dress with patterns and a spring green belt on it) a party need gifts.

Brittany: Now we're ready!

Back at the mall Eleanor is at the flower shop buying flowers.

Eleanor: (Buys green and teal flowers then she went to a diner and eats some fries and a milkshake) Stupid Newton and stupid Gigi wanting to ruin my birthday I must not let that happen again.

She saw the Biggest fans/classmates/friends hanging out at a ice cream place.

Eleanor: (Ordering) I would like Peppermint ice cream, Pistachio ice cream with green sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Clerk: That will be $3.35 cents please.

Eleanor: (Takes out a five dollar bill) Here you go (gets her ice cream) thanks.

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (SpongeBob) Happy birthday Ellie! (All): Yeah happy birthday Eleanor!

Eleanor: Thank you guys!

Newton: Hey Ellie watch out (tries throw yellowish green paint at her).

Eleanor: (Dodging) Not this time!

Gigi: That's it (Tries to throw light green paint at her).

Then Eleanor dumped a bucket of red paint on them.

Eleanor: You messed with the wrong teal clad Chipette!

Newton: You will regret this Eleanor!

Gigi: (Notice that everyone in the mall is laughing at them) Stop laughing at us!

Clerk: Wait before you go (throws Eleanor her clothes back) that will be two dollars.

Eleanor: (Gives the clerk two dollars then she put her dress back on) Thanks.

Clerk's boss: We are kicking the yellow clad Chipmunk and orange clad Chipette out of the mall for messing with the birthday Chipette!

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: Oh oh ohhhh!

When Eleanor went home.

All: Surprise!

After cake, games and presents it's bed time.

Eleanor: Best time of my life (whisper to herself) but I'm not telling them what happened today.

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