The next day.

Ian Hawke: (Eating at the restaurant) Yuck! This salad tasted like garbage! Why you made the food here taste like garbage!?

Sammy the Restaurant Owner: Now Ian I told you we tried to cook without using the ingredient because we don't want to waste it and that ingredient is coming in two weeks!

Ian Hawke: But I need better tasting food here right now I want my refund (takes money out of the cash register) I'm going home!

When Ian got home.

Ian Hawke: I'm making a cooking show!

Ian the 2nd: Can I be in it.

Ian Hawke: I guess but you're the assistant

Ian the 2nd: Cool!

Ian even hired the Chipmunks and Chipettes to help out.

Alvin: This sucks!

Brittany: Come on Alvin we'll all be on tv besides it'll be fun!

Ian Hawke: Now I need you six to sing and dance to make up a theme song for my cooking show.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore goes first.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore: (Singing) Ian's food is is good yes it is!

Switches over to the Chipettes.

Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: (Singing) Ian's the best cook in the universe!

All 6: Come over to Ian's and eat and drink there!

Ian Hawke: Not bad.

Ian Hawke: (Talking to the people) Hello people I'm Ian Hawke the chef and this is my assistant Ian Hawke the 2nd and today we'll be making a chocolate cake, First we need two eggs (Grabs two brown eggs and cracked them into the bowl), Next we need a cup of flour (But he grabbed a few flowers then crush them put them into a cup then dumped them in the bowl), Next we need milk (But he grab a cup of spoiled milk then poured it into the bowl), We now need a cup of sugar (pours the sugar in the cup then dumps it into the bowl). We need the baking soda (But he grab his soda and poured it into the bowl) We need a little salt (But then he shaked it 5 times), Then we put in the chocolate (pours chocolate chips in the bowl), Now we put it in the oven (But then he burnt the cake). Now we need to taste it (he tasted it but it was gross) Ian that's it for the day bye!

Then nobody tasted his cake.

The Mayor: Ian you are the worst cook ever!

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