The next morning at the school at art class.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes are painting a picture of something or themselves they like while making it their signature colors.

Brittany is painting a pink flower.

Brittany: I need the color for the stem (when she grabbed the green paint she notices the color she hates) EWWWW!!! Green I hate green so on second thought (grabbed magenta paint) this will do for now after all it's close to being pink.

Newton and Gigi: (teasing) Brittany hates green! Brittany hates green (started laughing at her)!

Brittany: Stop teasing and laughing! At me does it matter that everyone hates a color?

Newton: But there's two people who is WEARING green!

Gigi: (Points at Theodore and Eleanor) Them!

Brittany: I actually don't mind someone wears green as long it's not me!

Newton: Oh really?

Gigi: Let's see about that!

Then that night.

Newton and Gigi snuck in the middle of the night switch all of Brittany's pink dress and black leather jacket with an ugly green dress and a dark green wrinkly patched jacket.

The next morning Brittany woke up took a long shower and she didn't notice the green clothing then went to school.

Alvin: (Talking to one of the biggest fans/classmates/friends (Finn) while showing his report card) I'm actually doing quite well at school (notices something different about Brittany) uh Britt your clothes look different.

Brittany: Oh why thank you Alvin.

Then after school.

Then when it's time for them to sing at the Chipmunks/Chipettes stage.

They are singing a new song called Single Chipettes while Newton and Gigi try to tell them Brittany hates green but they ignore them and listen to their song.

Then Newton and Gigi snuck up at night again to give Brittany her dress and jacket back until the next morning it was Saturday .

Newton: Oh she doesn't mind if she also wears green but does mind seeing green.

Gigi: Let's go home and forget what just happened.

Newton: Good idea.

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