The next morning in Dave's office after vacation at Hawaii.

Manny/ Boss Man: Dave you're doing a good job keep up the work looks like it's time to go home.

When Dave went home he saw the Chipmunks and the Chipettes watching History of Mysteries.

Simon: They actually made so much movies and seasons for History of Mysteries that it became popular. There is History of Mysteries Movies 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19 same with the series that we buy all movies and the series!

Alvin: Time to watch the new History of Mysteries movie 20 and History of Mysteries season 20 on DVD!

Then the CNN news pop up!

Alvin: Stupid news! What is it this time!

News Reporter: Breaking news a huge hurricane is coming Universe Land head for your hotel rooms now!

Dave: Don't worry guys as long we're together we'll be fine.

Theodore: I am so scared of hurricanes! (curls up into a ball)

Eleanor: Don't worry Theodore hurricanes might not happen very often.

Jeanette: I'll go get some blankets!

Brittany: How about we just watch the History of Mysteries movie 20 I'll go get some cheese balls with extra cheddar and vanilla ice cream.

Then Claire came into the Senville hotel room.

Claire Wilson: Sorry to disturb guys I have to spend the night with you guys because the electric in my hotel room went out due to the hurricane.

Dave: Sure Claire you can sleep in my room with me.

At dinner.

Claire had order a pizza, breadsticks, salad, fries, large sodas (For Claire and Dave), 6 small sodas (for the Chipmunks and Chipettes) and chocolate muffins to eat.

Dave: Eww mayo sauce!

Alvin: (Nibbling on the pizza) Not bad the sauce need more tomato though.

Theodore and Eleanor (Nibbling on some fries) Yummy!

Brittany: (Nibbling on salad) Fresh from the garden.

Jeanette: (Nibbling on breadsticks) Same here!

Then they have the muffins for desert and after they watch the movie it's bed time.

Dave: Goodnight guys.

All: Goodnight Dave.

Then Dave, Claire, Chipmunks,Chipettes and everyone else started having nightmares.

Dave: (Woked up) Just a nightmare stupid hurricane (Then he went back to sleep).

The next morning.

Claire Wilson: I better get going the electricity is back on in my hotel room bye guys.

Dave: After school and work I better go lie down.

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