This episode starts with Dave who's trying to sing to impress the chipmunks to prove he can sing with them and even though he's not one of them.

Dave: (horribly) Me Me Me! I'm Dave Senville and I want to sing and dance (starts dancing and singing horribly while making up a new song) D-A-V-E I'm Dave Senville I AM A CHIPMUNK AND CHIPETTE PERSON AND I LOVE SINGING AND DANCING!!!!!! (so loud he broke glass with his voice).

Simon: Dave you don't have to sing that loud my ears are ringing now!

Alvin: No offensive but that's a horrible song even for you Dave.

Dave: (sad) Please Boys at least be impressed at least I tried right?, Right?

Theodore: Sure I guess so.

Brittany: What's that noise it's 7 in the morning I need beauty sleep.

Jeanette: At least it wasn't Alvin this time he usually does that all the time at 7am.

Eleanor: Dave why did you have to scream it took me a hours to clean that floor yesterday

Dave: I want to Impress you guys please give me a third chance! I'm begging you guys.

Alvin: Too bad you are a horrible singer.

Brittany: Give him a chance Alvin after all he's trying his best.

All: Please Alvin!!!

Alvin: Fine but he's gonna work on reaching the high notes.

All: YAY!

Alvin: But I'm teaching him how to sing better but if he doesn't he fails!

Dave: I promise to be a better singing student promise!

I'll just make part one see you all next time on part two

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