The next morning.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore came into the bathroom brushing their teeth and putting on their hoodies went out so the Chipettes can use it to do the same thing.

Alvin went to the park to see young adults play frisbee.

Alvin: Hey you guys can I play too?

Young Adult #1: Oh sorry we all ready have enough people so uh no.

Alvin: That's ok I'll just watch you guys play

Young Adult #2: Uh ok then.

Simon is at the library checking out books.

Simon: One book with tons of history (found a giant book on a shelf when he reach it down he accidentally drop the book and it slammed on the floor).


Simon: I'll like to check out this book please (then he dragged it home but it's too big and heavy) so large!

At the restaurant with Theodore having to wait in a long line.

Theodore: Hurry up I'm getting hungry (falls asleep).

Back at home...

Brittany is making a pink dress with flower designs on it.

Brittany: Needs a touch more glam to it (she grabbed the pink glitter but accidentally spilled it all over the dress) not to worry needs more glame anyways needs some more jewerly ( when she grabbed the glue and pink gems she put too much glue and gems to the dress) whoops at least it has more glam.

Jeanette is on the computer on Social Book (friend website) getting pictures and texts from the Biggest fans/classmates/friends and people from all over the world (even the king, queen, prince and princess of Universe land).

Jeanette: Nice purple J in a lavender background (clicks like button) like that, (Saws text that saids Hi Jeanette) hi to you too (texts it in) oh hey friend request (accepts the friend request) there we go.

At the soccer field with Eleanor.

Eleanor and her team named the Victory Eagles needs a tie breaker against the team called Death Pigs in the finals during a soccer tournament.

Eleanor: I'm ready!

The Victory Eagles: Go Eleanor!!!!

Eleanor then kicks the ball hard enough too hit the Death Pigs goal.

Referee: And the Victory Eagles won the game!

All: YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!

That night.

The Chipmunks went back to the bathroom to get ready for bed and the same to the Chipettes.

Dave went home.

Dave: Goodnight guys.

All: Goodnight Dave.

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