Future Predator

Primeval: New World version

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Several Morphers morphed Future Predators to attack the bullies. At least five Predators were present when most of the offenders gave away information in return for amnesty. Tobias climbed on the ceiling, attacking Jeremy from above, hitting him between the shoulder blades and knocking him down. Ryan and Xander arrived, but Tobias saw and charged them, tackling Ryan to the ground and mauling him. Xander tried to flee, but Tobias jumped on the wall before pouncing on and attacking him. Over the next few days, Predators attacked several times. One instance featured a Predator grabbing Xander as he left a classroom. Another featured a Predator confronting Jeremy, who managed to knock it out by opening a locker door as it pounced at him, only for a second Predator to tackle him from behind. Another featured one confronting Ryan, who surrendered, telling the Predator: "Go ahead. Get it over with." Another featured Jeremy being pounced on by a Predator on the wall of the school as he exited. Another was where Cassie was summoned by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Aggravated to punish Jeremy for lying to Simon about the "Litter monitor" position. Cassie jumped on the table before pouncing on Jeremy. Later, at the sing-off, Alvin morphed a Future Predator after learning about Ryan's plan to make him miss the competition, and attacked them, with them using locker doors as shields. He eventually defeated them, though he was unable to demorph until Simon calmed him. The final appearance is where Cassie attacked all three in the hallway just after the Battle of the Bands. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Aggravated called her off to avoid the worst injuries.


The Future Predator did not appear in Primeval: New World. They have been confirmed to appear in every version.

Right before Alvin morphed the Predator, his left eye gained the defiant pupil from Zoo. This is the signifier of a Morpher's rampage mode, that happens when they are very enraged. However, they are unable to demorph until someone close to them calms them.

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