The next day after school and work everyone went home have dinner and getting ready for bed.

Alvin puts on red pajama shirt with a yellow A and a night cap with a yellow A, Simon puts on blue pajama shirt and a blue night mask, Theodore had on green pajama shirt, Brittany puts on a pink nightgown with a dark pink cursive B (that reveals her butt), Jeanette puts a a purple nightgown (that often reveals her butt) and a light blue night mask and Eleanor puts on a teal nightgown (which reveals he butt) and light green pigtail bows.

Dave: Goodnight guys.

Chipmunks and Chipettes: Goodnight Dave.

Newton and Gigi snuck in the middle of the night successfully steals Alvin's hat without waking anyone up.

Newton: (Whispering) We got our revenge.

Gigi: (Whispering) Can't wait to see that look on Alvin's face when he realizes it's gone.

The next morning everyone is getting ready for school until Alvin quickly notices his hat is gone.

Alvin: Ok who stole my hat?

All (except Alvin): We didn't we were sleeping this whole time.

Alvin: It's obviously Newton and Gigi.

Simon: Well they did want revenge on us so I think so.

Brittany: Yeah I think it was them.

So at school during lunch.

Alvin: Admit you two we know you stole my hat in my sleep!

Gigi: (Lying) What are you talking about?

Theodore: Simon and Jeanette notice a piece of yellow and orange thread on the floor.

Newton: (Lying) No that pieces of thread is actually a burglar in a yellow and orange striped shirt!

Then Newton and Gigi moved to another table.

Theodore: We need to prove them guilty!

Simon: Theo you're a genius!

When Alvin, Newton and Gigi are heading to the Chipettes's treehouse.

Alvin: Guess what we're playing!

Newton: Checkers?

Gigi: Battleship?

Alvin: Give up? We're playing courtroom! You two and I are on trial Simon's the judge, the Chipettes are your lawyers Theodore and our Biggest fans/classmates/friends is the people of the jury!

Simon: Order in the court ladies and gentlemen of the jury we are here to know if Newton and Gigi are innocent or guilty of this trial, First we need Alvin to the stand tell us how it happened.

Alvin: I guess they snuck into our room through the window tip toed into the room then steal my hat then got away with it!

Simon: I see what do you any of you of the jury think?

Biggest fans/classmates/friends: (Cartman): I know why it's revenge isn't it obvious?

Simon: (hits hammer on table) Guilty!

Brittany: Now tell the jury what really happen so we can know you're guilty!

Jeanette: Or else we'll use a a torture machine!

Gigi: Really that's all what's the torture machine?

Eleanor: A lie detector taped to an electric chair on only 5%!

Simon: That's right! Now let's report Newton and Gigi to the torture machine tell us what happened!

Newton: (Lying) We swear it was actually a burglar who broke in your house and stole Alvin's hat!

When they struggle to activate the device it was actually not plugged into the wall.

Simon: Time Out we'll continue in a while (the Chipmunks and Chipettes went outside the treehouse and whispered to each other) I though you said the device is ready!

Brittany: (Whispering) I guess we need to work on it.

Simon: (Whispering) Oh well it was too much anyways.

Then they went back in the three house.

Simon: Now we are back to report Newton to the stand tell us what happen because the device is broken.

Newton: (Lying) What I said it was a burglar who stole Alvin's hat!

Simon: (Talking to himself) This is never going to work let's report Gigi to the stand tell me is this the two threads from your and and Newton's clothes!

Gigi: (Lying) No that's from a burglar who's wearing a yellow and orange striped sweater!

Alvin: (Fed up and yelling louder than Dave screaming ALLLVIN!!!!!) THAT'S FREAKING IT IF ONLY NEWTON AND GIGI STOP LYING WE WOULD'VE BEEN HERE FOR MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany: Cheese Louise!

Theodore: (Notices the Torturing Device is not plugged in) Hey everyone the device isn't really broken it was just not plugged in!

So they plugged it in then Newton and Gigi sits in it then they send it to 1%.

Alvin: (Calming down) Ok I will ask one more time did you two stole my hat!

Newton: (Lying) No

Gigi: (Lying) It was a stupid burglar!

Torture Device: Lying! Lying! (Shocks them both a little bit).

Biggest Fans/classmates/friends: (Sans): Is this yellow thread and orange thread yours?

Both: (Lying) No it was a burglar in a yellow and orange striped sweater!

Torture Device: Luing! Lying (Shocks them both a little bit again).

Then finally the truth!

Gigi: Ok we stole Alvin's hat.

Newton: By sneaking to your room using your window tip toed to Alvin's bed then stole his hat!

Gigi: (Throw Alvin his hat back) You can have this back!

Alvin: (Putting on his hat) Finally!

Simon: Guilty jury dismiss and as for Newton and Gigi get out of here now!

They both ran off!

Simon: Let's go to bed.

All: Ok!

That night.

Dave: Goodnight guys.

Chipmunks and Chipettes: Goodnight Dave

Newton: They may have won but this is only the beginning.

Gigi: Let's try getting revenge on them again!

Newton: Yes but it's time for plan B!

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