Hazel Wilson/Deárbol is one of the twin girls from Alvin and the chipmunks 3.


Her real 1st appearnce was in The Chipmunks go Hollywood album in 1982 as a Jeanette-like chipette.She is voiced by Janice Kareman who also voices her cousins and also possiably provides the voice of her little sister.


She later appeared in the prequel to the film adaption and it's sequel.She is voiced by Mary-Kate of the Olsen twins.
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Early LifeEdit

Hazel was born a long time beofre Charlene or her cousins.She also had a twin sister named Macedmia 12 seconds later.

Since their parents Eliza and a unnamed father disappeared they took gurdainship of Charlene ,but often bossed her around like

their cousin Tureca/Brittany does to her sisters.


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Portrayed by:Edit

  • Janice Kareman (1982)
  • Mary-Kate Olsen (2013)
  • Sophie Echegaray (young)
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