"Brittany!" Jeanette shouted.

"WHAT?!" Brittany replied.

-"I'm going to Simon's place. Wanna come?"

Maybe this is my chance to get back at Alvin... Brittany thought, before she shouted, "I'm coming!"

Meanwhile, at the Chipmunks' home....

"Alvin, Jeanette and Brittany are here!" Simon shouted upstairs.

"Coming!" Alvin shouted back.

'"Brittany, Simon and I are going to the basement to work on a science experiment," Jeanette said,"we'll be up later."

"Fine with me." Brittany replied. Jeanette and Simon went downstairs.

15 Minutes later...

"Brittany, we're coming up for a break, would you guard our experiment so Alvin won't get into it?" Simon asked.

"Sure!" Brittany replied, aware of the different experiments she could use on Alvin. When she was settled, she started to look for the right experiment to use on Alvin.

"How about this one?" Brittany thought, grabbing one of the chemicals, unaware this was the experiment Jeanette and Simon were working on. However, there was a rock in her way, so she tripped and it splashed all over her. There was an explosion so the Chipmunks and Jeanette came down to see what happened.

"W-w-w-what is it?" Theodore asked, scared. Finally, the smoke cleared and two Chipettes were seen. One looked like Brittany, but had a different outfit on and was smiling from ear to ear. The other one was Brittany, but was glaring at them like the devil.

"G'day mate, the smiling one said, "I'm Emily, Brittany's told me so much about you..."
G'day mate!

"G'day mate," the smiling one said.

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