James Seville is the Manager and Protector of the Chipettes, And boy does he love his job! Of course, If you ask him he will just simply reply: "Well, someone has to do it." He playes the Acoustic & Electric Guitar as well as Sings well with the Chipettes. He has "Certain Defensive tools" that he uses to Protect the Chipettes. Those who have challenged him call him " The Chipette Protector He currently lives in Ian Hawke's Old Mansion, which he got for a steal...($500). He is also commonly known to use Sarcasm. Also, A little known fact is that he's quite smart.

If there are 2 Words to explain James it's: Over-Excited and Over-Protective.

His catch phase (Sorta is at least) is: No one messes with My Chipettes!

Early LifeEdit

James used to live in Wisconsin, but after finishing College, he decided to move closer to the rest of my Family in Calafornia. And bought Ian Hawke's Mansion. [More will be added when more is known]

Defensive ToolsEdit

He claimes that when he learned that he was going to be Managing the Chipettes, he got some Defensive Tools, although we are not sure that's true because people have seen him with those tools before he became their Manager. (Although James will deny those claims.)He says that they are for protecting the Chipettes from Whierwolves, Munknapers, Crazed Fans, and Stuff like that.

  • 2 Retractable Tonfa blades, (One on Each arm) they are made from Silver to protect from Whierwolves.
  • 2 Grapling Hooks (2 One for each arm).
  • He has later also been seen with a Jetpack that retracts into a 'Normal' Backpack.

How he became Manager of the ChipettesEdit

Dave was unable to take care of the Boys (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and Girls and their carriers, So Dave Convinced James to take over the Chipettes carrier, and James agreed.

The Chipmunk Multi-VerseEdit

After being sucked into the '80's Universe with his Chipettes and befriending the '80's Chipmunks & Chipettes, He helped create the Time-Warp Machine, and has been on just about every adventure that the Chipmunks and Chipettes have been on. He has also shown to play a vital role in the battle against the Darkmunks and Darkettes. For example, James destroyed the Darkcontroller by slashing it with both of his Tonfa Blades. He has also shown that he will Protect not only his Chipettes, but also the Chipmunks and all other chipmunks and chipettes in existance. (See [[1]] for other Chipmunk/Chipette Characters.)

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